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New York Guide II


In Soho, you'll find famous brands' shops and big clothes stores. You should spend at least 1 day for 
shopping here :) Broadway Street is my favorite part of Soho which is in between Canal Street 
and W Houston Street.


Cafe Select: This is the only cafe/bar I picked, because I usually spent my time in Soho for just shopping. 
You can visit here especially after dinner, atmosphere is so good and the lights on the window too.
212 Lafayette Street (betw Kenmare St & Spring St)

There are many shopping places to be checked, but here I pick my favorites.

Opening Ceremony: Of course my favorite store in Soho! The designs are crazy and expensive as I 
expected :) But it's worth to check here.
35 Howard Street

American Two Shot Store: Cool, artsy and street style products.
135 Grand Street

Anthropologie: You can find many things here from dresses to accessories, and home stuff. 
Very big one, so you should only check what you want rather than wasting your day.
375 West Broadway (between Broome St & Spring St)

American Apparel: There are many A.A in NYC, but I like this one mostly. Because it's small 
and easy to find everything. Don't forget to check downstairs also!
Lower Broadway 429 Broadway (at Howard, 1blk N of Canal)

Victoria's Secret: I don't like clichés but I can't deny that I love this brand! I especially like 
their panties and body splash bottles.
565 Broadway (between Spring St & Prince St)

Soho Thrift Store: Small thrift store, so it's easier to find what you look for. I like the jewel and 
sunglasses part mostly.
130 Crosby Street

Drawing Center: A gallery where you see some art pieces of artists who are not famous 
in the mainstream.

Mmuseumm: A good alternative for the "museum" perception! Good stuff, interesting collections
in a small area. You can visit at the weekends, but if you go there in week, you can check it behind 
the window.

West Village

West Village is a district where people like shopping, sitting around beautiful cafes and restaurants. 
Also houses are so showy and fancy here, and their entrances as well.


Hudson Clearwater: Very good backyard, drink Hudson Mule cocktail!
447 Hudson Street (at Morton St)

White Horse Tavern: At old times, Dylan Thomas and some famous writers used to hang out here, 
now there's still this nostalgia.
567 Hudson St

Tortilla Flats: A good Mexican restaurant which has very lightful and fun decoration.
767 Washington St (between 12th St & Bethune St)


Jane Hotel: Jane Hotel's club! Sometimes there are DJs and parties here, very crowded though, 
so you should go there early!
113 Jane St (between Washington St & West St)

Christopher Street: There are LGBTT bars, sex shops and fun restaurants on this street.


Urban Outfitters: I don't like the clothes styles here, but there are good stuff for your house.
628 Broadway (between Houston St & Bleecker St)

 Lomography Store: If you like polaroids and old cameras, be sure to check here.
41 W 8th St (between Mac Dougal St & Avenue Of The Americas)

The Garage Antique Flea Market: In a warehouse, 2 floors flea market. Open saturdays and 
sundays, between 9-5 PM.
112 West 25th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues)


The Highline: Old railway, new place (sort of a park) above the ground for hanging out, seeing 
exhibitions and relax. I highly recommend here.
122 Gansevoort St

--Whitney Museum by Renzo Piano: It's not completed yet, but you must see when it's finished. 
(Inside Highline).

Chelsea Market: Old biscuit factory, new food market.
75 9th Ave (between Avenue Of The Americas & 5th Ave

 Chelsea Hotel: The most memorable hotel in NYC! Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Charles 
Bukowski and many others stayed here.
222 W 23rd St

Gallery District: A district for galleries. You should take a map from a gallery then continue
 to walk. (between 520 West 27th Street and 529 West 20th Street).

Printed Matter, Inc: One of my favorite places in NYC! There are many zines, books and artists' 
fanzines here. You should check if you're into this case.
195 10th Ave (betw 21st St & 22nd St)

Le Bain: If you want to see something fancy and fun, you can go this bar at the top of Standard Hotel. 
There are crazy parties here, and it has a small bubble pool in the middle.
848 Washington St- West 13th Street


Queens is at the south of NYC. I don't know many about it, but I can say there are some graffiti and 
mural art, and also Moma Warm Up Ps1 parties are held here.

MOMA WARM-UP PS1: Every saturdays till 7th September! Outdoor music event and a platform 
that allows for experimentation and provides a space for collaborations.
2225 Jackson Ave

Five Pointz Crane Studios: There are many graffiti arts to be seen.
Jackson Ave at Crane St, Long Island City


There are many museums in Nyc, but here are my favorites. Also I prefer small galleries rather than museums 
I think ;)

Moma: The biggest and the best contemporary art space. From Andy Warhol to Frida and Duchamp
so on...
11 W 53rd St 

Guggenheim: A smaller one, but very good selections. Free on saturdays (pay what you wish).
1071 5th Ave

Museum of Natural History: If you like animals and taxidermia, you should go to this huge museum. 
It has a very big entrance door which I like so much.
Central Park W at 79th St Upper West Side

Museum of the Moving Image: If you're into movies, you should check this museum!
36-01 35 Avenue Astoria

You Must See

NYC Public Library: Very beautiful library, inside you can feel the sense of 19th century. Good point to relax, 
feel nostalgic and read some old books.
5th Ave and 42nd St (Manhattan)

Bryant Park: My favorite park! I know Central Park is the biggest one but I highly prefer this one 
to read something, watch people, old men playing chess, and birds. (Near NYC Public Library)

Grand Central Terminal: It was rebuilt in 1913, now it feels new and nostalgic at the same time. 
The largest train station in the world, it's worth to see main concourse architecture even if you don't 
need to catch a train :)
87 E 42nd St

The Highline: You can see a different type of architecture project here. This place is definitely in 
my "must be seen" list ;)
122 Gansevoort St

Brooklyn Bridge & Williamsburg Bridge: Very fun to walk (even run) across on these bridges!

Coney Island Beach: It isn't necessary for you to take a ticket here for having fun but it's a good 
lunapark to feel fun by walking near the beach at least!

Central Park Reservoir: After Sheep Meadow for having a picnic, my favorite part of Central Park, 
which is silent and a good point to see sun downing over the lake.


Governors Island: An island where you can ride bikes freely, and also be sure to check Jazz Age Lawn parties. 
Currently held two weekends every summer; around June and August.

Storm King Art Center: It's in Hudson Valley, takes about 1 hour from Manhattan. Held on April 3 
through December 1. There are many giant sculptures, like an open air sculpture gallery!

Cold Spring: There is a big mountain at the top of this neighborhood and the houses are very cute here.

Tivoli: Very peaceful neighborhood, wooden houses and natural life around lake. (Barn in Tivoli is good
for accommodation).

Tips and Notes

* Subway is very popular on transportation but don't forget to check the times since they have some 
delays in a day.

* If you want to see artsy scene of Brooklyn, go to this neighborhood: Bushwick!

* If you like parks but you prefer small and more silent ones, you can go to McCarren Park 
(sometimes there are events and concerts) inWilliamsburg or Bryant Park near NYC Public Library.

* Rockefeller Building's rooftop can be a good alternative to crowded Empire State building.

* The best sunset is near East River Park, Pierre 63!

* Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights are good to watch Manhattan views, not at the rooftop but near the river.

* Taxis are not expensive (yellow ones) but don't forget about the traffic lights turning on very often ;)

* If you want to go away for a sun bath, go to Rockaway Beach!

* If you go to NYC for the first time, be ready for dust and humidity.

* In cafes, they usually don't give wifi passwords, so you can reach free wifi in Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts 
and Mcdonalds.


I'm not an expert about accommodation in NYC, but I can say that the hotel & hostel prices are going high 
when you go west and up of Manhattan. So if you want to stay in budget, check hostels around lower east side, 
east village or somewhere close to south of Brooklyn. If you want to stay in a cool and fancy place, I would recommend Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. Also if you stay longer, you should check house rents 
on Airnb website. 

P.S: I can do personal guides for your trips, by asking some questions about your interests :) If you want, 
ask me the details.

Kişiye özel gezi rehberleri yapıyorum, zevklerinize ve ilgi alanlarınıza dair sorular sorarak. Eğer bir 
yere gitmeden önce size özel gezi rehberi isterseniz, iletişime geçin!



  1. What a great guide Deniz!! :) a very complete guide of NYC with a more local view than regular guides! Just my type of travels, specially to big cities. I have read all your recommendations and it now has me dreaming about a trip to that wonderful city. How interesting the tip about No Relation Vintage instead of the more famous Beacon's closet!

    1. Thanks so much Damaris! Yeah, I was also surprised finding many good garments in No Relation Vintage instead of Beacons Closet which is much more complicated :)


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