Friday, February 22, 2013

I prefer to see the sky

Last weeks, I was very up to go to Sirkeci (one of my favorite regions in Istanbul) to send 
a picture and a letter to my friend who lives in Belgium; so it was a very good excuse to see 
PTT Post Office  building which was built in 1909. Unfortunately, I didn't send because it was 
closed but we stopped by an open restaurant which serves "kokorec" (turkish food)!

Then it was time to go to see Sedat Girgin's exhibiton at Milk Gallery! I really like every 
single art space in this city...When we went out of the place, we met a fresh pink cotton candy 
colored sky, then of course we gave it a try on our new wide angle lens :)

By the way, I've found an atelier which produces handmade retro shoes, I'll write about it soon!

Then the last 2 pictures are from our cafe-bar hopping; you can see us in the mirror at the last 
picture :)

Geçtiğimiz haftalarda, canım yine Sirkeci çekti. Birincisi en sevdiğim kokoreççi orada: 
İmparator Kokoreç, diğer neden Tekten Optik gibi bir gözlükçü bulmam-- yakında yazarım 
onu da, diğer sebep de elbette PTT Büyük Postane
Belçika'daki bir arkadaşıma mektup atmak için gittik ama  ne yazık ki kapalıydı, yine de 
iyi bahane olmuş oldu:)
Sedat Girgin'in Milk'deki sergisini gezdik, ve neredeyse uzun zamandır gördüğüm en pembe
gökyüzüyle karşılaştık. Herkes Tepebaşında gökyüzünü fotoğraflıyordu:)
Çukurcuma'da el yapımı retro ayakkabılar satan bir yer buldum, yakında hakkında her şeyi 
Son 2 fotoğraf da Mavra Café ve Eski Beyrut'tan! Hatta aynada biz varız :)

February 2013 / Istanbul.

For the first one: I prefer the sound of the sea


  1. I've been awarded with a little prize for my blog and so I had to say 7 things about me and make a list of 15 other blogs I love. I put your blog on my list hoping many other people can appreciate your photos (pretty sure they will).

    1. Grazie per mille:) What a nice gift for me <3

  2. Sounds like an awesome day! xx

  3. Beautiful photos, your pinafore is adorable and very eager to hear about those handmade shoes!

    1. Thanks so much:) I'll post about hand-made shoes very soon!

  4. oh my gosh <3 i do love love love your photos and hairstyle just WOW.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, and also
      thanks for my bf as well because he cuts my hair:))

  5. You are so gorgeous, I love your hair! These photos are beautiful and dreamy, I know nothing at all about Istanbul so thank you for giving us a glimpse into your life :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'll post more about Istanbul as possible as!
      And I like your blog pictures too, I'm following now:)

  6. Oh what a great photos. I never was in Istanbul, I want to visit this city.
    I like your blog, I saw older posts too, I like it so much.
    I m following you now, follow back if you want :)

    1. Hi, thanks!!I've never been to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I wonder pretty much!!
      I follow;)

  7. the photos are gorgeous. I love the way the light looks in them.
    and so are your suspender shorts ;)

    1. and your photography is so beautiful as well=)


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