Friday, October 25, 2013

D.I.Y: For your feet ♨

Hello! I'm pretty new about D.I.Y (do it yourself) things, but I search for what I should write for the next.
This time I have something about for your feet. I don't like to buy so many beauty stuff, instead I usually
use natural things for my body and face. This is a relaxing natural recipe for your tired feet!
It really works when you get exhausted after a long hard working or walking whole day.

Here it is:
*A pinch of lazmarin 
*Half of a bottle of mineral water
*Flax seed oil (4-5 drops)
*2-3 drops lemon
--and if you want, add some natural rose water into this mix.

Put all of these into a hot water in a bowl and dip your feet in this water. Wait until water gets cold.
Then you feel that your feet have become softer and more rested. Enjoy!

**If you prefer, you can put some t-light candles around you when you do this DIY, and listen to
Iron & Wine songs at the back ;)

Yorgun ayaklara birebir gelen bir tarifi paylaşıyorum. Malzemelerin hepsi aktardan bulunabilir.
Bir tutam biberiye, 4-5 damla keten tohumu yağı ve gül suyunu birkaç damla limon damlatılmış ve 
biraz da soda konmuş sıcak bir suyun içine koyun. Ve su soğuyana kadar ayaklarınızı içinde bekletin, 
işte bu kadar :)

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  1. I'm gonna try!! Thx a lot dear

  2. Specially today I must try this!! Incredible hard day at work today :( Thanks for the tip!


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