Sunday, May 31, 2015

Barcelona photos, part II

Sometimes I feel that I get lost among many photos taken sometime before a long time. Because
life is so busy that I can barely have time to categorize them and share regularly on blog.
But today I've finished editing all and I feel clear in mind now :)

Also we've just come back from a trip to Alaçatı, a small town near Aegean Sea, so I have summer
analog photos that I'll share with you soon. 

I hope everyone's summer is going well.

See you.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

te quiero barcelona!

Dani from the cat you and us blog

Life has been sooo fast for me for a while. Even I just have enough time to check and edit all pics
that we took when in Barcelona on Jan. It's a good feeling that I have a chance to see many photos
at the same time, they are full of memories coming back to my mind.

I'm coming with lots of analog captures very soon.
Also if you decide to go to Barcelona one day, be sure to check my guide
on match-up mag website.


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