Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bosnia Trip I

We took a trip to Mostar this July. It was more beautiful than I imagined before when I look at the images.
We firstly waited for our train in Sarajevo Train Station, this statiton was so.....I can't find these words...
I always like trains, and stations. They remind me something deep, I don't know why...
There were some bullet marks on the walls of this train station. I knew that this was just the beginning,
cause I know more or less about Bosnian wars, and I expected to see them, but they were more huge than
I expected.

We got in our old train, with a nostalgic feeling inside. It was passing through the rivers, old towns and
green fields. It was getting dark, I was gettting sleepy but I hardly give up looking at the beauty of Bosnia
through my window, it was amazing.

We arrived to Mostar at night, and took a walk to the city center. It was a good feeling to be a stranger on
streets that I haven't been before with the other "strangers" who speak in a foreign language. I looked at
the bars with neon lighting, some young people were standing in front of these bars. When I saw the bullet
marks on the buildings, I started to feel that this trip might be more emotional than I guess...

Hello Bosnia!

Saraybosna'daki tren istasyonunda biraz (3-4 saat kadar) vakit geçirdikten sonra eski vagonlu trenimize
binip Mostar'a doğru yola çıktık. Yemyeşil vadilerden, küçücük evlerin sıralandığı köylerden, altından
suların aktığı eski köprülerden geçtik. Tren istasyonlarına ayrı bir ilgim vardır, ne zaman bir istasyona 
gelsem, içimi garip duygular kaplar. Bu defa içimde bu garip duygulardan da öte duyguların gelip
gittiğini sezdim. Saraybosna tren istasyonuna bir gün giderseniz ne demek istediğimi belki anlarsınız.
Mermi izlerinin delik deşik ettiği kolonlarıyla istasyonu, sigara içilen vagonları ve eski tip gişeleriyle 
aklımdan uzun bir zaman çıkmayacak.... 

Mostar'a gece vardık. Trendeki gördüğüm manzara bile bu ülkeye değişik bir sempati beslememe yetti. 
Gece çıkıp sokaklarda gezdik, anlamadığım bir dilin yüksek sesiyle yankılanan barlarının
önünde etine dolgun kadınlarla, erkekler vardı. Şöyle bir baktım. Sonra mermi izlerinin büyüklüğüne
ilk kez bu kadar yakından tanıklık ettim.

Merhaba Bosna!

July 2013 / Mostar.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

A turquoise sunday

diving into the water

feeling the summer

my new turquoise slippers from H&M

my love with his favorite vintage sunglasses

reading time

CHEERS! with Turkish Raki
dinner table
feeling sick & tired :)
Yesterday, we spent our time with some of my friends. Swimming, talking and eating most delicious
Turkish mezzes with Raki (a national alcohol drink) :)
Now, it's just 3 days left to my mountain & sea vacation in Mediterranean part of my country!

Have a good week!

28.07.2013 / Istanbul.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Inspirations

A picture by Hana Haley


Whitstable houses by Betty Magazine

Betty Magazine
Paper plant by Taylor McKimens
A picture by Echerries
Sunglasses by wish wish wish
Palm Springs by the imaginative
Central Park (1969) - Life Magazine
It's very rare for me to write blog on saturdays, but today I feel a little sick and staying at home instead
of walking on the streets under the sun :) 

I'm trying to adjust  to the city life again after a wonderful natural trip to Mostar (Bosnia). I'm gonna
share my pictures soon when they're edited a little bit.

I'm happy for all your attentions of "be my guest" interview with Ale, I can't wait to share the next blogger
interview with you!!

--These are the recent inspirational pictures I like, you can see the sources below images.

Happy & sunny weekend!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Be My Guest: Ale from Rosaspina Vintage!

This is my new corner of my blog: Be My Guest! I'll have a blogger guest in my blog every month
from now. I start with the one of my favorite bloggers; Ale from Rosaspina Vintage! She always gives
me enough inspiration about style, and photography. Her pretty new brand Rosaspina Vintage Handmade 
and her beautiful life in Turin through her film roll photos are so amazing & inspirational.
I get to know her life a little bit more thanks to her answers :)

Here is the interview, enjoy!


* What do you do for a living?
I work full time in animation as a character animator and storyboard artist for feature films, tv series 
and advertisments. I'm also a children's book illustrator, so I pretty much draw all day long, but it's what 
I've always wanted to do since I was a little girl and I wouldn't have it any other way. I really enjoy 
being a freelance artist as it gives you the chance of living in the place you love the most, organizing 
your free time according to your needs and having always a cat (or two) on your lap! Occasionally, 
I teach at the National Film School and since a few months I design for my own handmade clothing label, 
Rosaspina Vintage.

* What are the 3 specific things you like to do?
I love sleeping. If no one wakes me up, I can sleep for 14 hours straight, especially if my cats join me
in the process… I also love baking and have long afternoon walks with my husband.

Which movie you never get bored of watching?
Return to Oz. Despite its dark, almost creepy atmosphere I literally consumed the video tape 
when I was young. The imagery and plot are so vivid and captivating that I couldn’t help but feel like 
I was drawn into another world. Some sequences still scares the hell out of me and little Fairuza Balk
is an exquisite Dorothy. The Emerald City is a superbly crafted triumph of green and silver/gold 
set design and I would rewind it several times just to see each and every part, not to mention 
the astonishing old-school special effects. Heartily recommended!

Which song makes you happy?
“Let’s go fly a kite” from Mary Poppins!

* What are your inspirations in life? 
When designing a new collection, I can find inspiration anywhere from an old photograph of my 
grandmother’s holidays to a documentary about schoolgirl’s uniforms, vintage silhouettes and patterns,
a film noir, pretty furniture or a simple picnic in the countryside.

When talking about drawing and animation, I've always been inspired by the incredible draftsmanship
of the Nine Old Men, the artists that shaped the Walt Disney Studios between the 1930s and the 1970s, 
especially Milt Kahl, Marc Davis and Frank Thomas. I’ve always been influenced by Art Nouveau 
and I'm deeply in love with Alphonse Mucha's work, from the advertising and book illustrations 
to the oil paintings, the quick pencil sketches and his photography series. 
Quentin Blake is another favorite of mine, his children's books are so fresh and fun to look at. 
And Mary Blair of course, she was such a talented, innovative and stylish lady! If I could travel through 
time I would definitely love to meet her for a cup of tea!


How do you describe your style?
It’s a mix of different decades, I love the natural elegance of the 40s and 50s and the fun patterns 
of the 60s. I adore vintage clothing as you can find the most charming pieces that come with their own stories, 
I find it so romantic. While thrifting or online shopping, I would look for frocks with pretty collars, dainty pleats, 
t-bar shoes, old leather satchels and unusual antique brooches.

*  If your style is a movie character who would she/he be?
I guess it would be an Ariane in "Love in the Afternoon" with a young Sally Draper twist.

* If you have a color palette, which colors you put together to create your style?
I enjoy creating looks with any sort of colors, but looking at my wardrobe right now I would definitely say navy,
cream and touches of bright red!


Where do you live right now?
Turin, a beautiful town in the North of Italy surrounded by the Alps.

What are the 3 local suggestions for people who want to visit your neighborhood?
I would strongly suggest renting a bicycle and getting lost in the city centre, it’s absolutely breathtaking 
with its baroque buildings, the royal residencies, the huge squares and lovely gardens.
I guess a visit to Turin would not be complete without a walk by the river Po as the sun sets, after having paid 
a visit to one of the historic cafés, like Fiorio, established in 1780, where you can enjoy the most delicious ice cream (gianduja is my favorite!) or a cosy cup of cappuccino.

* Which city do you want to live for the future?
I've been traveling a lot in the past years and because of my job had the chance to visit very beautiful 
towns that stole my heart. Now that I’m a freelancer I could basically pick any place in the world to live in, but I chose to come back to Turin as that’s where I truly feel like home.

Thanks Ale...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer calls for colors!

American Apparel

Orla Kiely

Photo by eereenuh

American Apparel

Photo by chantalphoto

Photo by thewhitepepper

Photo by dartphoto

The Loved One
These are my recent inspirations, I love to mix colors; like pink, yellow and soft green.
I've just came from a trip to beautiful Mostar and I'll share the pics soon!

P.S: I want you to know tomorrow is the last day for my GIVEAWAY, so be quick! 
I'll inform the winner via e-mail tomorrow night, stay tuned :)

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