Hi there! I'm Deniz, 26 years old and living in Istanbul. I really like my city; Istanbul is like
a meeting point of everyone from different backgrounds, races, ages, ethnicities. 

I'm a freelance writer and publisher of a magazine which name is match-up. It's an indie mag that you can 
reach from many bookstores.

I have a list of things I like, things to do, places to see, but if I must share the most crucial ones; I can easily
say that traveling, photography and writing are the pieces of a puzzle that make me who I am.
I also like watching French movies, visiting newly opened places in my city, making collages of used
magazine tearsheets, and thrifting for vintage items.


I've been together with a lovely guy for almost 4 and half years, whose name is Türker. We just married on
this May of 2014. We create paper sculptures together in our small studio. Our project's brand name 
is Papier Atelier. We also love to explore everything surrounding us, and to meet new people.


Here is a place where you can find captures from my daily life and travels. There are some categories 
such as "city guides", "a day", and "travels" as you see at the right side of my blog. 
At the top part of my blog, you can see "be my guest", "explore", "bits and pieces" and
"inside istanbul" categories.
For me, this blog is much more like an online storage and a box of memories which I will remember again 
when I look back in curiosity.

Also I share some snapshots in my Instagram.

The others: Facebook   Twitter    Tumblr   Flickr


E-mail: denyilmaz88@gmail.com

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