Saturday, July 26, 2014

peaceful city dwellers

Outfit: Sunnies: h&m, blouse-pants-belt: Guerrisol (Paris),
 bag: vintage, sneakers: keds

Outfit: t-shirt: topsop, skirt: vintage, necklace: el quinto, shoes: topshop
sunnies: tekten vintage

Türker's outfit: shirt: pull&bear, shorts: zara man, shoes: maians
suspender: scotch&soda

Istanbul is much more silent now cause it's a religious holiday. So we
have a chance to walk around peacefully, explore new cafes and secret
corners. Soon, we'll take a trip too, I can't wait to swim again.

These pics of us were taken by Büşra from Düğme Film; who also
took our wedding ceremony pics that you'll see very soon!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Explore No:8


Aloha Tata
It's been a while since I wrote the last "explore" part of my blog. Maybe just beacuse I've picked all eye
candy things for my magazine; match-up that I hardly find something to share here, on "explore". But
nowadays, I'm turning to search editorials, fashion brands, some Californian and Spanish summer feeling
again among all social media images.
Aloha Tata is a brand from Spain, and it is good at bringing different geometric shapes and patterns
together on its fabrics. I discovered this brand thanks to the photographer Igor Termenon who took
this brand's SS2014 lookbook pics. You can check the colorful and summer feeling  lookbook here.

Another brand I've met recently is Lazzari. Especially its bikinis are worth being checked! This Italian
brand has an interest on colorful shapes, patterns and happy summer mood. Look how its Summer 2014
Lookbook looks superb delicious; here.


As I said before I'm in a mood for searching some Californian, Spanish summer feeling pics nowadays.
When I was looking at some new photographers, I've found a name; Nuria, who is a model and a
photographer, traveling and taking an analog camera with her to everywhere! Her photos are giving a
summer feeling, and a carving for a sunset. Let's check her instagram as well.


The Future Positive
If you want to explore creative people and to see how they create a space, and start a small business for
themselves, you are the one who's looking for the same thing with me! The Future Positive blog is created
by 2 friends, but it's getting bigger with the new contributors from all around the world. In this website, you'll
see many other creative lives, which are in Scotchland, Spain, USA or anywhere, and it will give you
enough inspiration for sure.


I have some movies that I get never bored of, and watch again and again. I also split the movies into 3
categories; summer, autumn and winter movies. Stealing Beauty is in my summer list and I want to watch
it again every summer. In this movie, you see a girl's life is changed to be a woman, and how she is
experinced an adolescent life in Siena where she went for a short trip to be painted by a man.


I've created a summer-mood playlist which inludes some Turkish songs as well. Listen to here.

♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ 

Analog Diary: Berlin, in my pocket - last part ♤

near our temporary house, Friedrichshain

trams near Hackescher Markt

street art in somewhere near "do you read me?" mag store

this is Fabian, in the second temporary house near Planckstrase

colorful wall of Fabian's home

Bauhaus Museum, but unfortunately it was closed on tuesdays!

everywhere we see different installations

Hamburger Bahnhof museum, former railway station in 1850

east side gallery, I looked at an art installation behind the door

me on the subway, captured by Türker

yes it was april and we still had to wear thick winter coats :), Jewish Memorial

Here is the last part of my Berlin roll films. You can see the first part here. 
Also as soon as I edit, I'll post my Paris trip pics; back to May.

-- If you think about taking a trip to Berlin, don't forget to check my Berlin Guide

April 2014 / Berlin.

Monday, July 21, 2014

saturday: barbecue, and the feeling of turquoise ☁

posing with my new dress; which was sewed by Türker's mom

in my parent's apartment where I grew up


my christmas gift for my friend; Melis

my new book; "Istanbul, memories and the city" by Orhan Pamuk

my detail picture captured by Türker

ready to swim, after a sunbath

lighting show in the sky

start to prepare for the dinner

mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, thyme, olive oil

a little bit of raining

Melis is ready! <3

yummy mezzes, with some raki (a Turkish alcohol drink)

start to fire

delicious mezzes

my man <3

delicious salads made by Melis

a typical Turkish mezze table

Our last saturday with some pics. Summer is not easy in Istanbul; there are many tourists, hot weather so on;
but we turn it into a positive thing since we visit the places we haven't visited for a while, and meet our friends
for barbecue, drinking nights and camping...

If you come to Istanbul one day; don't forget to drink raki with some delicious Turkish mezzes ;)

-- Last year; same place, with the same friends: here

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