Saturday, October 19, 2013

A day: Like a tourist ☂

Times Square

MOMA (museum of modern art)

Grand Central Terminal

Nolita, Ruby's 

Nolita, Sweet and Vicious

We always like visiting firstly local places then if we have time, explore touristic attractions. This day was
so rainy, thus we had enough encourage to visit touristic places; such as Times Square and Grand Central.
Also a rainy day is good for visiting museums; so it was time to see MOMA as well.

Moma was so great and exactly my cup of tea :) Even though we didn't make our time to see whole museum
since we spent much time looking at every single piece!

After doing all rainy activities, going Ruby's resturant to eat burgers. So so delicious, you must go there if you
visit Nolita neighborhood. Then ending our night at Sweet & Vicious bar, drinking very famous frozen

Yağmurla başlayan bir gün demek, müze/galeri gezmek ve turistik atraksiyonlar yapmak demek! Biz de
yağmurun yağdığı bir gün önce MOMA'yı gezip, ardından da Times Square semalarında turistik bir gezinti

Moma tam aradığım gibi bir müze, içinde her şey var ve oldukça zaman alıyor gezmesi...
Akşamında ise hamburgeri çok lezzetli olan Ruby's e ve margaritaları şahane Sweet & Vicious'a gittik.

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  1. Your photos of NYC continue to inspire me! I love the shots in Grand Central. Isn't it just beautiful?

    Xo, Hannah

    1. thanks so much! You're lucky that you have a chance to explore more and more since you live there :)

  2. Oh! How I love to see NYC through your lenses! :) The MOMA was my favorite, we could have spent all day long there, but unfortunately we had plans for the afternoon, so we missed a lot of things! Did you see Richard Avedon portaits & the photography floor? It is an amazing museum. Its patio with the Bertoia chairs was also very nice! Ruby's added to my NYC map, thanks! :)

    1. Yeah! Ruby's is a cute&small place which has so delicious burgers! We also didn't make the whole MOMA building unfortunately and I love Richard Avedon portraits of course :) and also I met "Stephan Shore" photography whom I didn't know before MOMA! I can't remember Bertoia chairs part though...


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