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New York Guide I

Williamsburg / Brooklyn

Bedford Avenue and around of it is so good. Houses, people, art places, galleries, showrooms, concept 
stores and cafes, everything... My favorite district in Brooklyn for sure!


Roebling Tea Room: Very beautiful cafe, I suggest you to drink a coffee with an apple syrup crepe. 
There are not many choices to eat, but lots of drinks are available.
143 Roebling St (between Hope St & Metropolitan Ave) 

Meatball Shop: Different types of meatballs and sauces! Delicious and suggested.
170 Bedford Ave (between 7th St n & n 8th St)

Juliette: This cafe/bar has a rooftop and a backyard garden. Delicious food & breakfast and nice atmosphere.
135 N 5th Street (between Bedford Ave and Berry St)

Cafe de la Esquina: I highly suggest this place if you like Mexican food! Their margaritas and corns are 
very tasteful too. It has a big backyard with some romantic lights over it.
225 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn b/n Metropolitan and North 3rd St 

Bliss Cafe: Cute small cafe with brunch and lunch options. Very cheap too.
191 Bedford Ave (between 6th St & 7th St) 


Moto: Romantic space with some Jazz bands playing in front of the entrance door. It has a special meal 
menu, which is not stable I think and it looks so good. Also you can drink different kind of vines, but don't 
order any cheese plate, it's so small and not that good.
394 Broadway (between Hooper St & Keap St) --very close to subway station

Union Pool: Dj performances, concerts and parties. Open backyard, bar and a concert room. 
Even there's a taco truck in the garden, so you shouldn't turn back before hitting here!
484 Union Ave (between Skillman & Conselyea St)

Pete's Candy Store Bar: Almost every day there is a concert here! Check their programs before going.
709 Lorimer St (between Frost St & Richardson St)

Ides Bar: At the top of Wythe Hotel,  there is a rooftop bar which name is Ides. Wonderful view it has. 
Not so good cocktails but it's worth to go there to see this view. (Dress code is needed)
80 Wythe Ave. at N. 11th Williamsburg 


Awoke Vintage: Near Juliette cafe, you can see this store. Very good conditioned clothes for men and 
132 N 5th St

Vice Versa Vintage: My favorite vintage store; L Vintage's Williamsburg branch is Vice Versa! 
So good and easy to choose again. (men and women) P.S: It can be hard to see the store's name, near the 
pet store!
241 Bedford Ave

Beacons Closet Second Hand Store: Huge second hand store, which I didn't like very much cause it's so
big and complicated but if you want more options you can check here.
88 N 11th street (at Bedford Ave) ; between Berry and Wythe

Brooklyn Flea Market: Near the East River, a big flea market where you can see many brands' designs, 
antique stuff and second hand clothes. It's not my favorite though... Open in sundays 10-5 PM.
East River Waterfront (between North 6 Street and North 7 St.

Artists and Fleas Market: Local artists and designers exhibit their products here to sell. Also there are 
some vintage stores as well.
70 N. 7th Street (between Wythe St. and Kent Avenue)

Park Slope District in Brooklyn
A very good district, where you can see only local artists, students and cool people :) Second hand stores 
and very cozy cafes.

Alchemy: So delicious burgers and sandwiches, tasty cocktails and very nice staff.
56 5th Ave (between St Marks Ave & Bergen St)

Prospect Park: A big park where you can relax and be away from the cars in Park Slope district.

Lower East Side

One of my favorite districts. Here is full of second hand shops, cozy cafes and bars, and lots of cool people.


Schiller's Liquor Bar: My favorite french bistro style place to have a breakfast. Beautiful interior design 
and delicious options for breakfast and lunch.
131 Rivington Street

Meatball Shop: I didn't try this one, I tried the one in Williamsburg. Delicious meatballs and interesting way 
to choose them. You can choose sauce, type of your meat and so on.
84 Stanton Street (between Allen and Orchard) 

Freemans Restaurant: Very hip place to serve American meals. Crowded in the evenings rather than the 
daytime. Also be sure to go to Freemans store located behind the restaurant.
191 Chrystie Street

Dudleys: In this place, you can find several chairs to sit outside and more inside. Very small size plates but 
so delicious. Also friendly staff.
85 Orchard Street


Backroom: Here was a "speak easy" bar around 1920's the time era; when alcohol drinks were banned in 
many places, so the owner found an idea to make this place as a secret bar. There is still no entrance, you 
can only see the steps going down, and also the title says "toys store". But after passing a short tunnel in 
downstairs, you arrive in a very beautiful old place, full of secret tunnels and 20's style paintings. They still 
serve the drinks in coffee cups, so you feel that you're hanging in a secret living room of someone.
102 Norfolk St. (between Delancey St & Rivington St)

Raw Cocktails: Very good designed bar, you can drink cocktails here before doing bar hopping. I can't 
find the exact address but it's across Rosario's Pizza.
Near 173 Orchard Street (betw Stanton St & Houston St)

The Delancey Lounge: If you want live music and concerts, here can be a good choice. Before going 
there, you should check the program here:
168 Delancey Street

Pianos Bar: Another place to listen to live music. This place was a piano factory at the past, now awesome 
place to have fun. There are 3 rooms, music room, bar, and lounge.
158 Ludlow Street (between Rivington St & Stanton St)

Casa Mezcal: One of the best bars for having cocktail! Very talented bartenders, friendly people around 
and an amazing history behind this Mezcal house. Also you can drink "mezcal" a Mexican alcohol drink here 
with listening to its history and background :)
86 Orchard Street (between Grand St & Broome St) 

Schapiros: Very beautiful interior design, good cocktails and a friendly owner.
120 Rivington Street (between Norfolk St & Essex St)


Edith Machinist: If you seek for qualified garments, this one is just for you! It's a little expensive but very 
good condition pieces and famous brands you can find here (women only).
104 Rivington Street (at Ludlow Street)

David Owens Vintage: Generally 40's and 50's dresses, and qualified garments (men and women).
Orchard Street No:154

Tenetement Museum Shop: Here is a souvenir heaven for sure! You can find art books, graffiti books 
relate to NYC, calendars, notebooks and children story books with Newyork animations. I had some gifts, 
souvenirs for myself to remember NYC :) And in its museum, you can find the immigrants' stories in Lower 
East Side. Also they organize free walking tours to these houses around Lower East Side.
97 Orchard Street

Economy Candy: A heaven since 1950's for candy lovers! You don't have to be a child to enjoy :)
108 Rivington St (between Ludlow St & Essex St) 

East Village

Above of the Lower East Side, you can find this district which includes very cozy places, hipster people, 
vintage boutiques, and secret gardens.


Panna II: Weirdest Indian restaurant ever :) Inside, you can see many Christmas lights, so many people 
come here to celebrate their birthdays. Food is okay but the atmosphere is so interesting, and it's worth to 
give a try on.
93 1st Ave (between 5th and 6th Street)

Crif Dogs: A place where you find many kind of hot-dogs.
113 Street St.Marks Place

Veniero Pastyr: An old Italian pastry (1894), when you get inside you get the sense of Italian pastries. 
There are many different type of desserts, so delicious.
342 E 11th Street (between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave)


Yaffa Cafe: Open 24 hours a day! Very fun and interesting staff. Its decor is so eclectic and a little kitsch 
but the background is so beautiful with the lights. You can drink your cocktail in the background garden 
before hitting a new place. 
97 St. Marks Pl (between 1st Ave & Avenue A) 

Nublu Club: If you look for some bars where you can listen to good Jazz bands, here is one of the best 
choices. The owner is Ilhan Ersahin is very famous saxophone player who is so friendly. Dark interior, good 
music and friendly & fun staff.
62 Avenue C between 4/5th


If you're looking for second hand, East Village is for you no doubt! The best known second hand / vintage 
street is 9th and 7th Street between first and second avenue. Mostly there are women focused shops, 
but you can find many choices around there if you're a man too :)

AuH2O Thriftique Store: Small but very good thriftque store. Here you can see colorful, floral dresses, 
very good conditioned blouses, sweaters and 80's cardigans. Also there's a part for sale items; which are 
under 10 dollars. (only women)
84 E 7th Street (betw. 2nd Ave & 1st Ave)

No Relation Vintage: Absolutely my favorite vintage store! Many people suggest Beacon's Closet 
before going NYC, but I didn't like Beacon's cause it's so hard to find anything, very confused because of 
the color range strategy, also not very qualified. But No Relation Vintage and the others which are under the 
same company (Vice Versa, L Vintage) rock for sure! There are many size of jeans, Levi's shorts, dresses, 
very good boots and shoes. (men and women)
204 1st Ave (betw. 12th St & 13th St)

East village thrift shop: This is another thrift store which is ok but you have to dig every corner to reach 
something you want.
186 2nd Ave (betw 11th St & 12th St)

St. Mark's Bookshop: Very big bookshop, you can find many options for art books, novels so on.
31 Third Avenue (between 10th St & 2nd Ave)

New Museum of Contemporary Art: Interesting architecture!
235 Bowery


Nolita is north of Little Italy. There are some pizzerias in Nolita as well as in Little Italy. But also here, you can see many designer stores, small boutiques, and very cute cafes.


Epistrophy: My favorite cafe in Nolita! Very friendly staff, beautiful entrance, colorful patterned tables, and 
delicious Italian food. Also be sure to check their jazz sessions, which are sometimes organized.
200 Mott Street (betw.Kenmare and Spring Street)

Rubys: Small but cute restaurant. I tried chicken pasta which was okay, but sweet chili sauce burger is so 
great and delicious that it's worth to wait in the line for a while. Closed around 23:00.
219 Mulberry Street (between Prince and Spring)

Habana: Very popular and crowded Cuban restaurant. You cannot sit there comfortably, but rather you 
can try some food in a fast way then go out. Their grilled corns and frozen margaritas are superb!
17 Prince Street (at Elizabeth St)

Cafe Gitane: Close to Epistrophy cafe. There are two Cafe Gitanes in NYC, this one is smaller and has 
chairs/tables outside. Colorful design, cute umbrellas and good place for people watching on the street.
242 Mott Street (between Houston St & Prince St)

Little Fox Cafe: Wooden based, simple and cute cafe. Especially here is good when you're up to drink 
your coffee while reading something.
62 Kenmare Street (betw Mulberry St & Mott St)

The Butcher's Daughter: Healthful food for breakfast and lunch. Also very good spot for people 
watching behind the windows.
19 Kenmare Street (betw Bowery & Elizabeth St)

La Esquina Corner: There are two "La Esquina" Mexican restaurants in NYC. Another one is bigger and 
has a big backyard. This one is much more like "taqueria", and fast eating! Their tacos are so delicious, and 
they always play Mexican songs when you eat :)
114 Kenmare Street 


There are many option to go around Mullberry Street and Prince Street!

Sweet and Vicious: This place is so popular for its frozen margaritas. And I say; "this is the best one for 
margaritas"! You can sit at the backyard, while you're enjoying your drinks. But at the weekend, I don't 
suggest so much, since it gets so crowded and even a nightmare to buy a drink.
5 Spring St. (between Bowery & Elizabeth Street)

Pullino's Bar and Pizzeria: Romantic place with candle lights, and Italian atmosphere
Also there are many bottles on the shelfs. I have no idea about its pizzas though.
282 Bowery

Officina Bar: Its concept is about Panamericana route. So you can find many Latin and Mexican cocktails 
here. Interior design with wooden chairs tables and lights is so good.
24 Prince St (between Elizabeth and Mott Street)

Tom & Jerry's: Very crowded bar full of big friend groups, a little high level of music and different kinds of drinks. 
I also suggest another bar which is next to it (I forget the name though). 
But be aware this place is not good for chatting/talking (your voice gets bad), just for drinking and getting tipsy :)
288 Elizabeth Street (between Prince St & Houston St) - Noho

Mullberry Street in Little Italy: This street is so alive at nights. You can do bar and cafe hopping in a 
night easily, everywhere is close to each other. Also you see green-red-white colored (Italian fag color) 
decors between the buildings.

 Mulberry Street Bar : If you like oldschool bars, you should go there for a couple of beers and feeling 
the nostalgia!
176 1/2 Mulberry St Little Italy


In Nolita, Elizabeth street between Broome & Houston Street, you can see many boutiques and design 
stores. So I don't give a specific name, rather I suggest you to visit around these streets.


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  1. I really like your photos and the post, I have nevr been to NY but I am sure that one day I am going to visit NY ♥ The photos show different faces of NY what I personnaly like most :) !

    1. Thanks Tanja! I hope this guide will work your trip to NYC, one day :)

  2. Wow, this guide is so great. So detailed and in-depth! I would love to try out all of these restaurants and shops!

    Xo, Hannah


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