Friday, January 29, 2016

Kotor- a small coastal village

Last summer when we searched about the places which are close to our country, we suddenly saw
the pics of Kotor, a small village looks like Italian towns. Then I figured out that it has a common
history with Italians that's why it had many similar impressions on architecture, language and food.

We went to Budva first, stayed on the mountains at the backskirt of the city, then we rent a motorbike
to go to Kotor. It was one of the vivid memories that will be saved for a long time in my mind. I 
remember how I was touched by the breeze in the air when on motorbike, I smelled different kinds 
of trees, watched natural views we passed by... The scenes look like a movie.

After Kotor, I feel that I really miss Italian spirit. Probably in spring or summer, we'll go to Italy too.
Can't wait for it.

Kotor / Montenegro - August 2015.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Every year I create a photo album of that year, full of tangible captures. I like digital world but still
I'm very into photo albums, printing photos, analog cameras, notebooks etc.

These were taken when in Budva - Montenegro, in August. When I think of this travel, I suddenly 
find myself walking on the narrow streets of Old Town and sitting on the old stoned floors, eating 
pizzas, and watching people hanging at their places. This city is like a scene from "Midnight in
Paris" of Woody Allen. When you step into the old part of city, you travel within time and feel 
really different. 

Budva - Montanegro / August 2015.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

blue-yellow summer state of mind

We're walking on semi empty streets, sometimes we find a place to sit and read. I can't keep reading 
because I want to capture all the details surrounding me, also I want to look up to see the birds flying 
above us. We're in Aegean part of this country, people are peaceful and slow that they might know 
how to live this life. We pretend to be "flaneurs" of these streets. Our minds have no jobs except 
living the moments. 

May 2015 // Alaçatı.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

roads are calling me..

Every year I create a new list of resolutions and then look back how many of them were realized.
This year, I don't create any list, instead I promise to myself to feel the moments, trust on my
emotions, let the anxieties go, inspire last years' travels and travel more as much as I can.

2015 was a tough, and harsh year for us. Being a freelancer (even both of us) was so harder than
I imagined. But still we've learned many things (lesson learned) that's why never regret for choosing
this kind of life. To not balance with works and pleasures usually kept us away from traveling.
But I hope this year I'll do my best for exploring new places.

Roads are the best places to think, feel and take a real breath. I can't wait for the next one, but till then
I'm refreshing my soul with looking at the ones taken back in 2015.

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