Monday, December 30, 2013

The most memorable snapshots of 2013 ☄ ♥ ☮

2013 was started with wrapping gifts

then we opened our gifts

prepared a dinner table for the new year's eve


watched the best "feel good" movies

took some photos

In January, we woke up to a snowy day

went out to enjoy SNOW!

In February, I had my birthday presents

In March, we drove our car to Black Sea coast for a fresh air

then baked cupcakes!

prepared myself to go out for dancing ♬ ♬ 

spoiled ourselves with wine & cheese

we host some guests from Couch Surfing, they are from Romania

prepared a Turkish breakfast for them

took some road trips to somewhere close to Istanbul

we show up on a mag with our brand Papier Atelier

visited my favorite bookstores, watched sunsets by our balcony, and took more roadtrips

In April, I started to feel the sun 

went to the one of my favorite neighborhoods; Arnavutköy

went for biking on the island; Büyükada

drank wine and read some mags there

traveled to my boyfriend's hometown, shot photos near seaside

visited Kuzguncuk neighborhood for peaceful moments

In May, we invited some friends to celebrate SPRING 

spring food :)

we attented Kinfolk workshop, and designed these notebooks

went to the spring music festival in Istanbul

had another guest from Couch Surfing; she is Rikke from Denmark

at the end of May, we had the biggest protests all around the country... #Gezioccupy

In July, we traveled to Bosnia 

it was one of my most peaceful trips; I loved Mostar!

read guides for our NYC trip, rested near seaside - Caddebostan

celebrated Türker's birthday!

gathered with friends for drinking "raki" (traditional Turkish alcohol drink)

ate delicious "mezze" (side dish) after swimming

In August, my skin turned into bronze 

went to my friend's house warming night

between 3-7 August, we had a summer trip to the mountain & the sea; Olimpos

ready for sunbathe all day

at the end of the August, we went to New York, decided to marry, and we loved this city so much  <3

In October, autumn has come over here

visited my favorite train station in Sirkeci

In November, we arranged a gathering night to celebrate our marriage decision- this was a tipsy posing

drank champagne and played with balloons 

In December, it was time for decorating our home

On 11th December, we had a snowy day, went out for visiting galleries and enjoying snow

I decided to let my hair grow 

And my FIRST magazine was ready to be published, excited!

we put our gifts for the new year's eve, with a portrait picture of us <3

I hope you'll have a great New Year's Eve! There are my snapshots of 2013 which are the most
memorable ones. In this year, I saw heavenly beautiful views, decided to marry to my love of my life,
I made up my mind about my first magazine match-up, traveled to places I didn't see before and met
cute and creative people who are from Turkey and the other countries; such as Spain, Denmark,
United States, Balkans, Australia, Chile, and the United Kingdom. I want to meet more people in 2014!
Lets hope, 2014 will be more amazing, and full of joy & travels :)

Happy New Year ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♫

For the last year summary-snapshots -- Here it is.

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