Monday, September 14, 2015

summer, as in the blink of an eye...

Another part of the analog summer series.

As I'm sure that summer is my favorite season, I'm not ready for upcoming autumn. So I'm
pretending that summer is going on while checking photos of this summer.

August 2015 // Aegean coast of Turkey.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

camping vibes!

Hi there!
These images are from the camping trip of July, Last year we bought camping tools like tents, chairs,
sleeping mats, sleeping bag etc. but unfortunately we didn't create a time to go. But this summer
we promised that we'll camp near somewhere natural. So we did it! :)

The feelings that nature gives are very rare, very hard to find in an urban life. I hope we'll do another
one before summer is ended.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Analog Diary: Summer feeling of this year

Yaz devam ediyor. Uzun süreli bir kaçışla kafamı toparladım. Şehirden, yoğunluktan kaçmak iyi
geldi. İnternetin azlığından şikayet etsek de aslında çok iyi oldu; böylelikle daha fazla okudum,
yazdım, gezdim, yüzdüm ve bol bol fotoğraf çektim. Yine güzel yazılar, fotoğraflar ve güzel
hikayeler biriktirdim.

Yaz hiç bitmese ve gün batımlarını mayhoş şaraplar eşliğinde izlemeye devam etsek... Belki bir
gün o da olur.

Not: Tatilde yazmış olduğum gezi yazılarıma buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

We just came back to Istanbul. This escape was way too good for our brain, and soul. Because we
didn't find wifi all the time, so we had time to creat, read, write and enjoy the every moment of us.
Went to Aegean coast of Turkey for the summer holiday & soul detox :) now we are facing all the
works need to be done, but I'm okay that I know there's another escape from the city will
be very soon.

P.S: If you think of Turkey for a visit, you can read my travel reviews on here. (in English as well)

Photos July 2015 / Aegean Coast.

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