Saturday, February 2, 2013

Te quiero Barcelona!

El Raval, Barcelona July 2012

Bar Marsella

After Madrid, it was time for heading to Barcelona! Although this city was so touristic in August, 
we enjoyed there by searching for some local corners to hang out. 
Gracia and Plaza San Agustin are the ones which are considered as more local.

We started from Barri Gothic, then continued with El Raval, Gracia, Barcelonetta, 
El Born, El Libera so on. My favorite districts are Gracia and El Born, no doubt! 
One of the buildings of Gaudi; Casa Battlo is my favorite one, so incredible as himself.

We visited several amazing shops; such as historical candle store; Cerreria Suburia 
where you can find many candles with every color and shape. Also, Herborista del Rei, 
a place which has many different kinds of natural stuff, one scene of Perfume 

Among bars, I can say I really like Bar Marsella which is so weird and smells Absinthe:)


Spain / July 2012.

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