Thursday, February 7, 2013

eat, drink, walk...

Eat, drink, walk; were the key words for our last week!

A photo an hour:

11:00 Breakfast (saturday)
12:00 Casa Battlo drawing (we saw in Barcelona last summer)
14:00 2 hours left for our workshop of Papier Atelier
16:00 Workshop
18:00 Paper craft elephant!
19:00 Pirate!
21:00 Pizza (Café 49)
01:00 Back home<3

12:00 Tried truffe (sunday)
14:00 Kitchen time with new record
18:00 Diner
19:00 Time for eating
20:00 Mechiladas cocktail (bloody mary with beer)
22:00 Picking up a movie
23:00 Truffe, delicious:)

26-27 January 2013.


  1. very beautiful! i really like your blog a lot! following you!

    love, polly
    the littlest polly
    Paulie Antiques

  2. thanks! and your blog is wonderful too, now I'm looking at yours:)


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