Monday, February 25, 2013

Thursday doesn't even start!

It was my birthday in 17th february, but I didn!t feel good enough to go out to celebrate.
Instead, we celebrate it on last thursday...My love bought me a blouse and a skirt (from a Turkish
brand; Yargıcı) to wear on my birthday! It was actually very convenient piece to the place we went
for dinner; a French restaurant; Le Fumoir in Galata.

The day started with getting important pieces together in my bag:) then I ate my favorite German
cake, I love it! The shoes are from a handmade atelier which I'll tell about soon.

After sunset, it was time to French dinner then we were very up to drink cocktails! There is
a special cocktail bar in Istanbul; which was opened by an Californian bartender; Alex. You can
drink any type of cocktail you want; like soury, spicy, white spirit, red spirit you
should forget about Caiprinha or Mojito here:) Rock lobster is my favorite so far.

17 Şubat doğum günümdü fakat o gün dışarı çıkıp da kutlayamadık; çünkü hastaydım biraz.
Onun yerine perşembe dışarı çıktık ve Türker'in aldığı giysileri giyip, oldukça Fransız bir geceye
doğru yol aldım:) Nereye gideceğimizi bilmiyordum ve elbisemin bu kadar "Fransız" olması büyük
bir tesadüf oldu! Le Fumoir'da el fenerleriyle seçtiğimiz yemekleri hüplettikten sonra; sıra kokteyl
içmekteydi. Tabi ki Alex'in barına gittik ve rock lobster içtim. Merak edenler olursa, bu barı daha
ayrıntılı anlatabilirim...

For the first one:

21 February 2013 / Istanbul.


  1. Oh I m in love with your shoes!

  2. Yeah, me too:) There is an atelier in Istanbul,they only do
    vintage model shoes, so good!

  3. I love how homey and cozy your photos are. Beautiful!
    Drey -

  4. Your photos are breathtaking :) they look so homey and pretty with their soft light ! I hope you had a nice birthday :)


    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad if you like them:)


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