Thursday, January 2, 2014

Analog Diary: Last days in New York I


Lower East Side

A mural art in Williamsburg

Jaimee & Adam in Artists and Fleas

Coast to Coast Vintage's board

Meatball Shop in Williamsburg

Me and Sandra from Niotillfem

Highline in Chelsea

A graffiti in Chelsea

The place where we stayed,  Upper West Side

Sunny entrance, Upper West Side

While walking around West Side

West Side deco

A sunny day in West Side

There are still many photos of our New York trip back in september, but I think that I should post just
some of them otherwise it goes like this forever :)) I don't want to bother you with overloading New York

Instead, I desire to share my analog pictures taken in Istanbul, and in Berlin where we'll go for a next trip
in march.

I hope you enjoyed your New Year's Eve! Wish you a happy 2014 from now!

September / 2013.
Analog Diary 

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  1. Hi Deniz. I suppose the artist of your third photo (a mural art in Williamsburg) is ROA. Street art lovers love him so much. I learnt this info from a street art tour that I attended in London :) (Checkout my fourth photo set )

    1. Merhaba Bahar, bu bilgi için çok teşekkür ediyorum. Baktım ve bayıldım ROA'ya! Birazdan ayrıntılı araştıracağım. Blogun da çok hoşuma gitti, sevgiler!

  2. Türkçe mi İngilizce mi yazsam bilememiştim :) Yeri gelmişken söyleyeyim: Ben de senin blog'una karşı boş değilim. Sevgiler.

  3. Love your pictures ! :) Happy 2014 !

  4. Oh please don't stop sharing images of NY :) How fun to see you with Sandra.I am also a follower of her blog and I saw back there your Papier Atelier cute figurine! Can't wait to see your vision of Berlin (we were there two times for short stays)

    1. Haha yes there are more way to go! I'll post a couple of New York captures.
      I've followed her blog for over 5 years that's why it was so special to me to meet her!
      I love Berlin, I went there a several years ago for a couple of day that were not enough too. So this time I want to dig every local corner and meet more Berliner people. Stay tuned :)


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