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PARIS JE T'AIME ♤ (Paris Guide Part II)

Around Quartier des Enfants Rouges (Marais Nord)

If you like cafe hopping, so you might like short distance cafes and restaurants that you can find next to each 
other. Near Marche Enfants Rouges, there are lots of cafes and restaurants which are generally opened after 
20:00. Also around here, there are some world cuisine restaurants; such as Italian, Argentina, Japanese, 

Le Marché des Enfants Rouges: Different options to have a lunch or dinner with a qualified French wine. 
Different types of food are served in a shared table, so you can choose whatever you want.
-- 39 rue de Bretagne

Clasico Argentino: If you like Argentinean food, so this place is ok for you. I tried several type of 
empanadas here, that I really like them all, so tasty!
--56 rue de Saintonge

 Nanashi: A Japanese fusion restaurant which is full of people especially after work. If you get tired of 
eating the same French meals, come here to taste different food, and try a different type of ambiance.
-- 57 rue Charlot

Marcovaldo: A bookstore and cafe at the same time. Here you can find some snacks, sandwiches and 
coffee. They serve dinner menu after 20:00, and it's mostly based in tapas.
--61 rue Charlot


Rue Saint Paul: Favorite street for taking a look at antique, and design stores. Also there are some ateliers 
where you can buy some art pieces. If you don't like shopping, you can still take a visit to this street because 
it's so silent and peaceful when the sun is about to down. Also Rue Charlemagne is so nice to see locals 
more than tourists and have a French dinner in Chez Mademoiselle.
-- 16 Rue Charlemagne

Aux Comptoirs du Chineur: Some old cameras, glasses, radios, record players, accessories, hats and 
boots... So typical second hand stuff store. Except Mondays, it is open between 2:30-8:30 p.m.
No: 49

Rue Saint Honore: Here you can see Parisians, fancy women and men and fashion photographers who 
try to capture street style pictures. Famous brands and luxury stores are placed around this street. 
I like to sit in front of the St. Honore Church and watch people for hours :) Also don't forget this street is so 
close to Musée du Louvre!

Colette: Very hip design boutique; which includes t-shirts, bags, camera bags, cameras, colorful 
notebooks/books and tote bags.
No: 213


-- In addition to the stores I wrote in Marais neighbourhood, you can visit Marché aux puces de Saint-
Quen (a big flea market) on Sundays; especially "Vernaison" and "Dauphine" parts for second hand clothing.
Also be sure to go to Guerrisol second hand cloth stores which you can see in different regions of Paris. 
My favorite  is the one in 17 bd de Rochechouart and 23 bd de la Chapelle. At first, it seems so messy 
and impossible to find anything, but then when you dig, you find incredible pieces for a tiny price and in a 
good quality.
-- Also if you want something vintage, and in a good condition, I suggest Factory Vintage which is near 
Pompidou. But don't forget the lowest prices starts with 25-20 Euros.


As you know, there are lots of classic and contemporary/modern galleries in Paris that I hardly pick the 
ones  to recommend. So it's nice to summarize; my favorites are Centre de Pompidou because I like 
modern and contemporary art, Maison Europeenne  de la Photographie to see temporary photography 
exhibitions (I always like here), if I have a short time in Paris I would choose Musée d'Orsay cause I like 
its building (former railway station) in addition to its collection (Renoir, Gauguin...) and it's close to Tuileries 
Garden. Also I would go to Palais de Tokyo to feel "weird" enough when I see the art works.

You know, Paris is full of green parks, and gardens especially at the time of spring it's nice to see blooming 
blossoms over the trees. I recommend these parks: Parc Buttes des Chaumont for having a picnic, 
Champ de Mars for running and walking, Jardin des Tuileries for reading a book near the water, Jardin 
du Luxembourg for a romantic feeling and statues.


our house backyard in Belleville, found in airbnb

Rather hotels or hostels, I prefer to stay at a place I find from Airbnb! I highly recommend these 
neighborhoods to stay: Le Marais (expensive but fun), near Republique, Belleville (cheap but cozy area), 
Opera (very central), and Bastille (beautiful buildings).


- to eat mussels in Leon de Bruxelles 
- to have a picnic on Pont Marie at sunset
- to go to Parc Buttes des Chaumont and be free to lie down on grass until the sun goes down
- to see open air street art gallery on Rue Denoyez in Belleville
- to buy some cheese and wine from  a charcuterie and buy a baguette bread from a "boulangerie"
- to see  Cathédrale Notre Dame even if you don't want to go inside and wait on a long line
- to take a walk around St. Michel especially the back streets of Seine river where you see less tourists
- to watch French movies before going to Paris. (Amélie, Je T'aime Paris, Midnight in Paris, Love Songs, 
Before Sunset...)
- to hang out in the garden of concept bar one night; which is called Le Comptoir Generale


FOR Paris Guide Part I: here


  1. i am really hoping i get to use this guide in the future. would love to visit paris~

  2. Great tips Deniz!!! I think today I'll just pretend we are at Paris and I'll buy some cheese and a baguette, not the same thing, but well it will do the trick meanwhile ;)


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