Monday, June 16, 2014

Be My Guest: Bethan from The Pale Female

This time I want to introduce Bethan from The Pale Female to you. I don't remember when exactly, but 
the time I saw her cute fashion blog, I flew away with some sweet London dreams... To be honest,
I always have a grey image of London when I think about there (maybe because it was always raining
when I was there), but Bethan's pictures make me think differently now. 

She is always so good to combine girly pieces together with some magic :) Her clothes and style remind 
me "Picnic at Hanging Rock" movie and some old Victorian fashion mags. Lace, hats, crowns, tartan &
flower patterns and of course collars make her style more distinct and more "the pale female". 

Now it's time to leave you with her answers to my questions, and also some beautiful images to see what I 
mean above! :)

* What do you do for a living?

I am a writer most evenings of the week, writing short stories, novellas and blog posts. But during the days 
I am a healthcare advisor in a beautiful part of London. It makes me really happy there.

What are the 3 specific things you like to do?
Write, press flowers and dress up. Three things I have loved doing since I was young. My handbag is 
always filled with notebooks and laced with picked petals.

Which movie you never get bored of watching?
A LittlePrincess, the aesthetic is amazing, as is the music and the story line is just so lovely. It makes me 
very nostalgic and I could watch it every day.   

Which song makes you happy?
Riverman by Nick Drake, it is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. It makes me so joyful and lets 
me daydream.

* What are your inspirations in life?
To become a published author, I would love to complete writing a huge book and it be put on dusty 
shelves in shops and libraries. 


How do you describe your style?
Very colourful and girly. I adore anything with lace, trims, cuffs and velvet. If it is in a bright or bold shade 
too then I am bound to fall in love with it. 

*  If your style is a movie character who would she/he be?
Probably Valerie, from "Valerie and Her Week of Wonders". The film itself is very strange but the 
dresses are so pretty and I definitely have similar items in my wardrobe.

* If you have a color palette, which colors you put together to create your style?

White, blue and green. I like mixing bright white tones with dark murky colours, I think those are my 
favourite combinations of colours in an ensemble.


Where do you live right now?
London, I have done for about five years now and have still only explored a very small part of it

What are the 3 local suggestions for people who want to visit your neighborhood?
Hampstead, the houses are so immaculate and ivy terraces creep up most walls. The heath with its lakes is 
vast and the perfect picnic spot in summer.
Camden is also a fun place to visit, consisting of endless market stalls, takeaway food and loads of quirky 
people. The town is always bustling with excitement and something interesting is always taking place.
Kensington has the most amazing museums and vintage shops. If you love cake, retro clothes and brushing 
up on your natural history then this is the perfect place for you to browse.

* Which city do you want to live for the future?
I lived in Paris briefly and can honestly say I have never felt more at home anywhere else. I hope to move 
there within the next three years, as soon as I have learnt a bit of French. 
Thanks Bethan   

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