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PARIS JE T'AIME ♤ (Paris Guide Part I)

Paris is one of my favorite cities ever. I feel at home when I'm there even though it's raining or grey. Paris is 
an expensive city to live, but you can find your way when you're traveling, cause there are lots of choices. 
The thing I like mostly about Paris is the fact that how I can reach from one point to another easily, even by 
just walking. Everywhere is close to each other, and waiting for welcoming you! Also as you know, Paris is 
"cafe heaven" which I like so much about this city. Here is my updated version of Paris Guide, hope it'll 
help you.

Le Marais

Cozy and peaceful neighborhood. You can always see someone stylish here. Also there are some vintage
stores and historical corners to eat a falafel.

La Chaise au plafond: It's a cafe and bar, which is placed in a green area. You can smell the nature when 
you're having a glass of wine.
--10 rue du Trésor

Le Progrés: One of the most popular bars in Le Marais.  Good spot for watching people while having fun 
with your friends and drinking red wine!
--1 Rue Bretagne

Stolly's Bar: Another bar option to drink.
--16 Rue Cloche Perce

The King of Frip: A vintage store where you can find colorful dresses, skirts and shirts. Also for men, 
there are jackets, shirts and pants.
--33 Rue du roi de Sicile

Rue des Rosiers: On this street, every store and cafe is close to each other. You can find falafel 
restaurants, second hand boutiques and bakeries. 

Le Loir dans la Théiére: A tea room with some French desserts and many posters  on the wall. The 
lemon pie with crème (lemon meringue) is popular here but if you don't like so much sugar, don't choose this
one. Tea choices are good though.

 Chez Marianne Falafel:  You can have a falafel plate with a glass of wine from their large wine selection. 
If you want to eat outside, instead of a plate they serve a falafel sandwich to you.
--2 rue Hospitalières St Gervais

Coiffeur Vintage:  On this street, my favorite vintage store is Coiffeur! The prices are so good, and it's 
possible to find what you look for; such as hats, jean shorts, bags, dresses and skirts.
No: 32

Rue de la Verrerie: Another nice street around Marais.

Frip'irium Vintage : It opens at 13:00 and closed on Mondays. Although there are many options to buy, 
it's pricey compared to the other vintage stores in Marais.

Rue Bourg de Tibourg: Close to Rue de la Verrerie. In Marais, there are lots of stores next to each other 
on this street. Some of them are design boutiques, perfumeries, and macaroon bakeries.

Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie: Small street, where you can take a walk to buy books, records and 
window shopping. Also there is a large lgbtt population who hang out around the bars here.

Les Mots a la Bouche: My favorite bookstore in Paris! There are lots of books, and mags about art, 
design, fashion and queer culture.

Free P' Star: Another vintage store which is good at prices. I always take a visit to here when I'm in Paris, 
especially for its blouses and bags.

Rue Vielle du Temple: On this street, there are different kind of bars, cafes and shops.

La Belle Hortense: If you like tasty "wine" and "books" so be sure to come here! This place seems like 
a small library from outside with a good selection of wine. I suggest you to go there with 3-4 people to share 
one of their wine bottles!
No: 31

L’Étoile Manquante: My favorite spot to take a seat and watch people passing by. Also I like to have a 
coffee crème with a dessert here while writing something on my notebook in their tiny tables :)
No: 34

Yono's Bar: A cute bar where you can drink a margarita. It gets more crowded at nights and on weekends.
No: 37

La Perle: A hip bar where everyone is chatting with someone while drinking beer in front of the bar.
No: 78

Rue de Francs Bourgeois: Luxury stores, jewelers, and cute cafes.

Creperie Suzette:  A warm and friendly atmosphere with salads, galettes and crepes! If you look for an 
easy and light lunch, you should take this creperie into your list.
No: 24

Le Voltigeur:  Small cafe at the corner of this street. Good spot for people watching and having a lunch.
No: 45

Rue des Archives: Many restaurants and gay bars on this street.

Les Maronniers: A restaurant to have a good cocktail or eat a delicious hamburger. Their plate portions 
are huge!
No: 18


Besides Le Marais, my second favorite neighborhood is Oberkampf. Especially when it's time to eat a 
dinner with a glass of wine then have fun in a small cozy bar, Oberkampf is good! I recommend at the 
beginning of Rue Saint Sébastien  and Rue Amelot for a local feeling and good restaurants.

Le Kitch Bar: A colorful cafe where I like to sit for a while before dinner.
--10 Rue Oberkampf

Cafe Charbon : Historical brasserie, and a restaurant to have a dinner or after dinner spot to hang out in 
front of the entrance while drinking wine.
--109 Rue Oberkampf

Le Petites Canailles: Friendly atmosphere, delicious French cuisine, good wine, and a great interior 
design... My favorite cafe/bar in Oberkampf for sure! Generally local Parisians hang out here, but the staff is 
still good at translation of the menu ;) I recommend their daily menu.
--80 Rue Amelot

Le Centenaire: Good corner bistro, where you can drink & eat while you're preparing for a fun night :)
--104 Rue Amelot

Pop in Bar: A cute, small and very cozy bar to drink beer, also there are some live music at downstairs of 
the bar.

--105 Rue Amelot


Montmartre is so touristic but also there are some corners where you can feel peaceful and don't hear any 
noise. Some back streets are so inspirational to take pictures, so I rather prefer to go there than visiting near 
Sacre Coeur.
On Rue Cortot there are beautiful houses, which are so inspirational for a daydream.

La Bonne Franquette: One of the cute cafes in Montmartre.
--18 Rue St Rustique

Le Maison Rose: Another colorful and beautiful cafe.
--2 Rue De L'abreuvoir

La Cure Gourmande: A biscuit and cookie heaven! I also love their retro feeling boxes.
--8-10 rue de Steinkerque

Also you can take a walk to Sacre Coeur stairs for a sunset view, eat a créme brulée in Cafe des Deux 
Moulins (Amelie cafe, where you see a lot of tourists though), walk around Rue la Vieuville and explore 
the streets which are more silent.

St. Germain

I feel the feeling of "Paris" mostly in St. Germain. Its cafes take me to the back in days, and it makes me feel 
so nostalgic.

Passage Dauphine: A narrow passage where you can find some cafes to hang out.

L'Heure Gourmande: Cozy cafe near green leaves in this passage. When you look for a place relaxing 
and quite, come here! Hot chocolate and dessert are suggested for sure.

Librairie Couleur du Temps: You can find many photography books here, but be aware that most of 
them are in French.
--24 Rue Dauphine

Le Deux Magot: One of the famous and classic cafes in St. Germain.
--6 place Saint Germain des Prés

La Palette: My favorite cafe in St. Germain. Good food, great floral atmosphere and romantic feeling it 
has. Hemingway was hanging out here back in the days...
--43 Rue de Seine 

FOR The Second Part of Paris Guide: here

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  1. Oh! I need to pin your guide and wish for a re-visit to the city, lovely recommendations, I always feel the need to visit each one of your recommendations right away, they are always a perfect fit for our tastes :)


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