Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So far... ☄★♥

Yes we did it! We got married on 25 May, and we had our wedding ceremony on 31May. I will write a
post about the details of our wedding ceremony. But now, I'll leave you with some images from the
celebration party!

I always wanted this kind of tables for my wedding, and the result was the same with the image in my mind.

the heart shaped backdrop is inspired by "designlovefest" blog

And last month, I was the guest blogger of The Cat, You and Us blog that I wrote a love letter to my
love about "home" and what home means to me. The subject was "home is with you", and I tried to write
what I feel about this subject. Thanks Damaris and Dani for having me on their lovely blog and don't forget
to read my write-up here.

here is a picture of our small studio

Also we went to a friend's wedding in May, which was a really busy month! The wedding ceremony was
in Paris so we had a flight to this beautiful city, it was my second time there and I fell in love with it again
and again.

when my friend Melis was getting prepared for her wedding!


Nowadays, I have to get more energy to create a new issue of my magazine; match-up and also we are
decorating our house, especially the bedroom. There are lots of things to do, so here you see that we
have an obsession of drinking healthy smoothies! This one: strawberry, yogurt, orange, banana and honey

And of course we have time to eat tapas!

This capture was taken when we were about to travel to Türker's hometown to celebrate our wedding.
The weather was heavy, the sky didn't welcome us but we still had a great time cause we love ROADS!

a classic posing in my favorite train station

See you soon! I'm coming with more detailed pictures, new "be my guest" bloggers and some old analog
photos very soon, have a nice week!

Yoğun bir ayın özeti: Mayıs'da düğünler zinciri. Önce Paris'e arkadaşlarımızın düğününe gidişimiz sonra
hemen arkasından kendi düğünümüz. Çok yakında detayları da buradan yazacağım. 
match-up dergimin hazırlıkları ve evimizin yeni hali için koşuşturmalarımız... derken haziran geldi çattı.

Geçtiğimiz ay The Cat, You and Us  bloguna "ev" konulu bir yazı yazarak "guest blogger" oldum, benim
için büyük bir zevkti siz de linke tıklayarak okuyabilirsiniz. Vakit bulur bulmaz, analog fotoğraflarım, Paris
fotoğraflarım, "be my guest" için yeni konuk bloggerlarla ve düğünümüze dair detaylarla yine buradayım!
Görüşürüz :)

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  1. congratulations! you look beautiful! and love that heart backdrop!

  2. tebrikler deniz! düğünle, gelinlikle, organizasyonla alakalı da post yaparsan çok memnun olurum.. çok çok mutlu olun! :)

    1. Teşekkür ederim! Evet, fotoğraflara erişir erişmez öyle bir post yapacağım. Sevgiler.

  3. What a wonderful venue and most beautiful bride and groom! Can't wait to see more details of your wedding and pictures of the honeymoon! That heart shaped backdrop is amazing, was it difficult to pull out together? Million thanks again for your guest post on our blog.

    1. Thank you dear! I can't wait for the honeymoon neither, but it's in August so I have to wait for a while.
      The backdrop was created by our event planners, but I guess it seems pretty easy :)


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