Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A summer post ☼

photo by amanda charchian

watermelon & lime -- recipe



santorini - pinterest



a photo by jimmy marble

a photo by theo gosselin

As many of you, I am so impatient for this summer! No doubt it's my favorite season that I usually
push all my sweet dreams into this season. This year, it's pretty late than I expected, but now it's time to
do some summer daydream!
Here is my summer list:

DO... camping with friends near the lake very soon
TRAVEL... to Santorini for our honeymoon
DRINK... watermelon, mint, lime smoothies
EAT... summer salads, tomatoes, basil and French cheese
READ... Orhan Pamuk's "Istanbul, memories and the city" book
WRITE... more stories for my magazine; match-up and for my summer zines
WATCH... summer mood movies such as Il Postino, Stealing Beauty, Le Grand Bleu...
GO... to a summer town for peaceful moments
SWIM... in an infinity pool and Aegean sea
PRACTICE... Italian and yoga
TAKE... more conceptual summer pictures
HAVE... a picnic with my friends in my favorite park
SIT... in our balcony more, while listening to Nick Drake, and eating watermelons
LISTEN... to more Françoise Hardy 
CREATE... a summer roadtrip playlist for our trips soon

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  1. such a great summer list! i definitely want to do the whole camping thing. hope you have a lovely honeymoon! santorini sounds amazing!

    1. thank you so much! yeah I can't wait for it :)


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