Monday, January 20, 2014

New York Photo Series #2: Find me on a map!

Times Square

Cafe Juliette, Williamsburg

Nathan's, Coney Island Beach
Coney Island Beach

Flatiron Building

Grand Central

This photo series is the second of my "looking around in a different way" series :) We picked our maps and 
stood around favorite places in New York while holding these maps. Good memories with some good 

For the first one: Live above your feet

August/September 2013. New York.

Bu da eğlenceli fotoğraf serisinin ikincisi: Find me on a map!
Birincisi için tıklayın---  Link

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  1. That's a nice idea you've had ! Love the pics :)

    Bisous Deniz !

  2. I love this photo project! The concept is so cool, I love it^^

  3. that's a great idea!!

  4. Such a fun idea to use a map as a prop! I love these photos!

    Xo, Hannah

  5. Great concept for a trip! I admire projects while travelling because it takes such a lovely dedication added to the experience.


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