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Be My Guest: The Cat You & Us

I'm happy to host The Cat You & Us for "Be My Guest" corner of my blog, cause this blog is one of my
favorites! Damaris and Dani from The Cat You and Us share the most sincere moments of their life that
you can feel "carpe diem" through their captures! Also their cat; Juno is a very important family member
of this lovely blog. So, if you're a fan of cats, be ready to crave for a cat when you read over the posts.

They love to travel, explore their city; Barcelona, laugh with joy and craft whenever they find a concept.
That's why this blog is a place full of joy and inspiration rather than just an online diary. I want to let you
read their answers now and I suggest that you check their blog to see how they are an inspirational couple.

* What do you do for a living?
Both: Photography, blogging, travel, watching movies, crafts and cuddling with our cat Juno are a few of 
the things that make our life worth living. And to pay those we have a full time computer-related office job, 
hahaha; anyhow we have always flirted on the idea of a freelance photography job.

What are the 3 specific things you like to do?
Damaris:  As a Pinterest maniac, I like to be surrounded by pretty things. That’s why I always have new 
decoration plans or endless craft projects lists.

Dani: I’m an obsessive guy, periodically I get a new obsession and all my life spins around that thing. 
Currently I have read everything there is written about homemade bread/pizza dough. I love to get caught 
into that endless learning spiral (sometimes, or always if you ask Damaris, quite useless knowledge).

Juno: She likes to chases sticky things like washi tape. She loathes to touch it but at the same time is 
fascinating for her.

Which movie you never get bored of watching?
Damaris: Because I am a huge movies’ fan, it’s so hard for me to choose only one from my top ten list. 
Instead, I would say a TV show: Friends. Challenge to identify a quote ON ;)

Dani: Movie fan here as well. In fact sharing this hobby with Damaris is one of the things making me happy 
every day.  I’d choose Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola

Which song makes you happy?
Both: Our wedding song; “Poscards from Italy” by Beirut. It was our ceremony entrance song, which 
we rehearsed several times at home using our bedrooms’ corridor simulating the aisle. The trumpets were 
our trigger to cross the door and make the first appearance in front of our family & friends; nowadays that 
part of the song make us giggly!

* What are your inspirations in life?
Damaris: My ultimate inspiration is my mom who was the bravest making a life for the two of us by herself. 
I also admire all that talented people (which populate the blogosphere!) that are step by step living their 

Dani: Although I am going to surely embarrass her, my inspiration in life is my beloved wife, who has the 
talent of doing everything beautiful and perfect, seriously! She has a beautiful heart and achieves all she 
proposes with skill (and effort!). At the same time, the internet is the best place to meet new talents and 
tendencies. Most of our photographic inspiration comes from young photographers we have been following 
all this years over the Internet, like Max Wagner, Arrow & Apple, Carissa & Andrew Gallo or Amanda 
Jones among so many others.


How do you describe your style?
Damaris: I adore American 50's dresses (I got married in one!) which I alternate with French stripped 
t-shirts & a-line skirts styled with lots of Japanese geek motives. If it wasn’t so far my closet will entirely be 
purchased at Shimokitazawa and Harajuku vintage stores (Tokyo) :)

Dani: Damaris usually takes more risk in her styling choices, but I’m more into Lumberjack nerd style.

Juno: Fluffiest nudism.

*  If your style is a movie character who would she/he be?
Damaris: Summer of 500 days of Summer meets Amelie.

Dani: Scott Pilgrim will be my reality although my expectactions would be Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones ;)

Juno: Garfield.

* If you have a color palette, which colors you put together to create your style?
Damaris: Dani and Juno leave me all alone answering this question as it seems I should have a better 
idea of my color palette than they have of theirs. It changes a lot but it usually includes pastels 
(current huge obsession with turquoise and pink) and black and white always in form of stripes.


Where do you live right now?
The three of us live in the lively city of Barcelona.

What are the 3 local suggestions for people who want to visit your neighborhood?
Both: After a large discussion we have decided to suggest three shops, three restaurants and three must 
(local point) visits. 
One of our favorite decor shops is Verdejade, a little shop in Gracia; Flamingo vintage, their newest store 
at the end of Tallers St.; and finally the MACBA Laie bookstore, for its photography & design books and 
little beautiful odds and ends.

Eating is our favorite indulgence and luckily our city has so much to offer in this territory. We have chosen a 
representative place of our most usual gastronomies: gourmet burgers at Filete Ruso, located at one of the 
trendiest streets; yummy tapas at Bar Velòdrom and hot comfort japanese soup at Ramen-ya Hiro.
If you ever come to Barcelona we would recommend off the tourist track the photography gallery at the 
Palau de la Virreina, free entrance and awesome old building; to wander around the streets between Via 
Laietana and Avinyó St behind Plaça Sant Jaume (we took our wedding session there!) instead of the 
most crowded ones next to the cathedral, and book a visit to Palau Güell, the less known Güell house but 
equally breathtaking. 

* Which city do you want to live for the future?
Both: Although our hearts belong at long term to Barcelona, we have butterflies in our stomach at the 
thought of living in Brooklyn or Tokyo.

Thanks Damaris, Dani and Juno   

If you want to see all guests, just click on "BE MY GUEST" page, at the top side of my blog.

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  1. What a lovely fun interview as I've laughed about Juno's
    answers: "Fluffiest nudism" and "Garfield" :P Xx

  2. my favorite couple/family on the internet right now! i love you guys! and juno! your answers made me laugh :) lol

  3. Weee awesome questions :) Damaris - turquoise and pink is the best combo! Dani - lost in translation was the reason I worked abroad in Japan, after the movie I walked out of the cinemas and told my boyfriend at the time I was going there :P When I was interviewed for my English teaching job I didn't tell them that movie, was why I wanted to go :P I said something much more serious! I had a big giggle at Juno's answers too! Oh and both of your inspirations are so sweet and practicing your ceremony entrance song :) :) I only know a little of Beirut will have to listen to more of his songs :)

  4. I love this blog, I'm so happy you introduced me to it! AND THEIR INSTAGRAM IS TO DIE FOR. Love it.

  5. Unfortunately I deleted the cat you and us comment by mistake :/

    Here it is:
    "Thanks Deniz for your sweetness in everything! :) and also to all the awesome ladies reading & commenting our interview, thanks! we feel so lucky :) "

  6. Inspiring couple from our city! yay Love all the recommendations you both gave!


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