Thursday, January 9, 2014

1st Anniversary of Photostorming ☄ ★ ♕


I'm happy to announce that it's time to celebrate 1st anniversary of my blog; Photostorming! Thanks for
reading my blog and sharing ideas with me. I hope you'll stay here more to read this blog.
I try to keep it simple, sincere, honest and open to changes. I want to host more bloggers over
Be My Guest  corner, and I want to share more DIY concepts for the upcoming posts.

Also another news is that I start to take ads for my blog! If you have a small business brand, feel free to
send an e-mail to me. For more information, you can check "sponsors" page at the top of my blog or green
box placed at the right side.

And lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to Damaris and Dani of  the cat you & us blog for including and
tagging me in their favorite bloggers! I'm so honored to deserve their blog award :)
Rather tagging, I want to ask questions to 5 favorite bloggers I follow at the "be my guest" posts soon. I
hope they (Damaris & Dani) will be the first guests of 2014 :)

Here are my answers to their award questions:

01Which is your latest guilty pleasure?
My lastest guilty pleasure was watching cheesy romantic movies in Christmas. I'm much more into festival 
movies and European movies rather than Hollywood but sometimes I get happy when I watch this kind of 
"simple" movies :)

02Do you have any special piece of clothing or complement? Which one and why?
I can't go out without wearing my hats. I love to wear a hat in all seasons. Also I have a jacket which was
becoming my favorite piece and like an organ of my body :)) I took this one all summer of 2013 when
I was about to go somewhere.

03 Which were your three favorite toys when you were a little girl?
I had a Barbie doll whose name was Ingrid and it was sent by my cousin from Canada. I fell in love with 
it cause it was so different from the other barbies :) She talked when I press its button, haha! And I had
a big red car which was bought by my dad, it was so special for me that my dad's first toy gift ever! I didn't
understand why he chose to buy this one to me, but I liked this car and played a lot with it. Lastly, I had a 
huge baby doll (which was almost the same size with me in those ages) who was singing my favorite song :))
It feels creepy for now, but when I was 5 or 6, I was having great time singing with her. Her name was Ayse.
It's like "Anna" version of Turkish girl names :)

04Which type of apocalypse would you have more probabilities to survive: zombie or alien 
Of course alien invasion! It sounds so interesting that I'm interested in aliens more than zombies :) Zombies
stink, haha :) I can become friend with an alien, but there is no chance even to talk (I mean body talk) to a 
Zombie for me!!

05How do you see yourself in 5 years?
I don't have any exact idea though, I will probably live in a different country for a while, I'll write a book
and be happy with my love :)

Blogum 1 yaşını doldurdu. Okuduğunuz ve görüşlerinizi benimle paylaştığınız için teşekkür ederim. 
Yeni yılda blogumun Be My Guest  köşesine daha çok konuk almak istiyorum. Bir de daha fazla
DIY temalı blog yazıları yazmak... Ayrıca artık reklam almaya başladım. Eğer blogumda gözükmesini istediğiniz bir markanız, blogunuz veya projeniz varsa bana ulaşabilirsiniz :) Detaylar burada . Ve blogumun sağ tarafındaki reklam duyurusuna da tıklayarak görebilirsiniz.


  1. Congratulations on the first blog anniversary!!! :) We have together read so eagerly all your answers! Do you know that my parents wanted to call me Ingrid at first?? It has been a very funny coincidence. In fact my name was so last minute decision that my grandma used to call me Ingrid in my first baby days (not that I remember, hahaha, my mom has told me about it!). Oh! We are thrilled that you want to include us in the be my guest section, I always enjoy so much reading it! Let us know how to start :)

    1. Haha what a funny coincidence, I gave this name to this doll cause it has been my favorite name ever! (even for now)
      I'm gonna send an e-mail to you asap! Excited!

  2. Congratulations!!! Hope you continue with the blog grandeur we're all used to :)xx


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