Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 wishlist ►☆ ☆


I can imagine that you have lots of "things" to dream, wait and do for 2014.
When I look at 2013, I see that I had always something to do, but I achieved to do "some" of them.
Sometimes not only your body, but also your soul and mind must be ready for all changes and success.
Here are my 2014 goals so far.

--What are yours?

* Try to do more yoga

* Try to sleep regulary, eat healthy food

* Go to more natural places; near seaside, forest or a mountain

* Listen to new kinds of music 

* Develop ideas for the new issues of my magazine; match-up

* Write more about everything

* Write more articles for some of my favorite mags

* Organize a paper art workshop

* Create stories for Papier Atelier's exhibiton theme

* Visit more galleries

* Take more portrait pictures

* Meet more people, talk to strangers

taken by me in Paris

* Travel again to some places I've missed such as; Berlin & Paris

* Been to new lands I've never gone (not decided yet which is gonna be)

* Organize a wedding ceremony for beloved family members and some friends

* Try new sex positions

* Drink new cocktails and try homemade cocktail recipes

* Read more books, mags, and zines

* Learn how to use "In Design" program


* Search about colors and color harmonies with together

* Create a small vintage collection and sell them on my blog

* Attend more gatherings

* Dance out every weekend (or at least once in 2 weeks)

* Learn how to do massage

* Decorate our bedroom and studio

* Practice Italian to not forget how to speak

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  1. Such an amazing wish list ;) All the best in 2014 !! M-C

  2. Hi Deniz!

    My goals would be to success in my studies, to travel in some European cities (everywhere when I'll get richer!), read more, take more pictures with my Canon AE-1 ... (I did the same post (well, you inspired me actually ;) ) but I wrote it in French,so ...)

    Bisous from France :)

    1. What a good list! I checked your blog and saw it, I can understand some parts though :)
      Your analog pics are so sunny and beautiful, I hope you'll continue <3
      Hugs from Istanbul ;)

  3. I really like that you have a "wishlist" rather than a list of things you want to change about yourself. Its much more positive as a wishlist! I wish you success on all your goals!

    1. Thanks so much. I wish you success on yours too!

  4. Last year i made the same wishlist except of course all things related to your papier atelier :P but unfortunatly i didn't much of them but this year i'll make the change hope that :)

    1. I hope you'll do whatever you wish for 2014!

  5. by the way i like your way of life you're inspiring me :)

  6. aww deniz! happy new year to you too! so good to hear you're coming to paris. you definitely need to keep me in touch i'd pleased to meet you. i also have plans to visit family in istanbul some time this spring :)


    1. Then it's great. Let me remember when you're up to come here too!
      Bisous :)

  7. Such an inspiring list Deniz! Love how many creative/artistic proposals you have for the new year. And of course, can't wait to see your vintage collection: joy ;) kisses "cara mia"! :)

    1. Glad if you like it!! I've checked "cara mi" meaning, then I decided that I can't understand exactly :))


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