Thursday, November 7, 2013

New York Series #1: Life above your feet!

NYC Public Library

On the subway
Coney Island Subway

Williamsburg Bridge

Lower East Side


Central Park

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Coney Island Beach

Coney Island Beach

Madison Square Park




Sometimes I like to see everything around me in a different perspective. Maybe because it's more fun.
This feet series is the first of my "looking around differently" photo series :)  To be honest I always love the
feeling of looking around at above feet level, I even figure out sort of my feet obsession when I look at
this video taken on NYC trip. Stay tuned for the next ones!

Taken between August/September 2013. New York.

New York'ta çekmiş olduğum eğlenceli fotoğraf serisinin ilki ayakların üstünden etrafı  görmekle 
ilgili olan: "life above your feet". Diğerleri için beklemede kalın ;)
Ayrıca izlemek isterseniz bu da; New York'ta çekmiş olduğumuz video (tıklayın).

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  1. I love this concept! Home is where our feet are? Temporarily, I mean^^

  2. The photo series are as amazing as always! ♥

  3. Perfect theme for a travel Deniz! (fellow feet obsessive here :p) Love this post. And how fun to follow you around New York with the video!!

    1. Thanks so much! After your snacks of Japan post, I was inspired and thought about which series must be for our nyc trip then I found several ones :)

  4. haha, i have to do one of these posts, i take a lot of pics like these as well :) and i just LOVE high line park!

  5. You've just got the cutest shoes! I love all of these perspectives!

    Xo, Hannah


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