Friday, July 18, 2014

Holiday means...

I'm looking at out holiday pictures taken in Datça and think what holiday means to me.
So, what do you do when you're in a holiday mood?

holiday means...

an excuse to focus only on the things that you love
swimming inside an infinite blue and dream of more blue
reading most of the time and inspire from what you read
making out
not to look at what time it is
an excuse for not answering the phones
taking more sunset pictures
writing more random stories
eating everything you want without considering their calories
a roadtrip to somewhere near the mountains, and the sea
wearing polka dots dresses with colorful shoes
figure out how beautiful all flowers are
drinking wine and eating mezze (Turkish side dish)
a time to create a summer road trip playlist; which must include Kings of Convenience for sure
feeling the breeze than ever
looking at the sky and see how much these stars are brighter than the stars in the city
feeling peace 

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  1. merhaba;

    bu fotoğraflar hangi makine ile çekildi acaba? renkler üzerinde oynandı mı bilmiyorum ama gerçekten şahaneler!

    var olan makinemden çok sıkıldım (canon 450d), tatillerde falan kullanabileceğim compact kolay taşınır bişeyler istiyorum :) öneriniz olur mu acaba deniz?

    1. Merhaba Betül, aslında makinem çok eski; Canon 30d, fakat objektifim çok iyi; 85 mm. f: 1.8. O yüzden böyle bir etki veriyor, ayrıca biraz renklerde edit de yapıyorum. Son zamanlarda analog çok çektiğim için kolay taşınabilen dijital makinelerden baya bi haberim :)

  2. and after seeing your post, may I add that your summer means also... amazing pics??? :) One of the things that I like most is feeling the sea breeze on a summer afternoon (great list!).

    1. haha of course you can add! yes I agree with you, and you know how I like to create lists :)

  3. beautiful pictures. one of my favorite things to see are sunsets and sunrises. such a wonderful way to close and start the day :)


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