Monday, July 21, 2014

saturday: barbecue, and the feeling of turquoise ☁

posing with my new dress; which was sewed by Türker's mom

in my parent's apartment where I grew up


my christmas gift for my friend; Melis

my new book; "Istanbul, memories and the city" by Orhan Pamuk

my detail picture captured by Türker

ready to swim, after a sunbath

lighting show in the sky

start to prepare for the dinner

mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, thyme, olive oil

a little bit of raining

Melis is ready! <3

yummy mezzes, with some raki (a Turkish alcohol drink)

start to fire

delicious mezzes

my man <3

delicious salads made by Melis

a typical Turkish mezze table

Our last saturday with some pics. Summer is not easy in Istanbul; there are many tourists, hot weather so on;
but we turn it into a positive thing since we visit the places we haven't visited for a while, and meet our friends
for barbecue, drinking nights and camping...

If you come to Istanbul one day; don't forget to drink raki with some delicious Turkish mezzes ;)

-- Last year; same place, with the same friends: here

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  1. looks like a fine summer day! that is a pretty dress btw!

    1. thank you Jane! it's nice to hear from you again <33

  2. Awwww summer feeling at its best, with the barbecue, swimming pool and salads (capresse is my favorite!). I like Turker relaxed faces in the pics oh! and that cat mug is cute! ;)

    1. yes I totally agree!! summer feeling is the best and I want to have another one very soon :)


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