Thursday, March 27, 2014

Off to Berlin ✈ ✉

Berlin is one of my favorite cities in life. I feel free, and happy when I'm there. Everyone is creating
something, and the walls are full of mural arts. Now I'm ready to go to Berlin again to see how much
it's changed since my last trip in 2010.

You can follow my adventures with #photostormingberlin hashtag on my instagram, and my tumblr.

En sevdiğim şehirlerden biri olan Berlin'e yine gidiyorum. En son 2010 yılında oradaydım. Berlin'i seviyorum
çünkü kaygısızca özgülüğü hissedebileceğim yerlerden biri; herkes bir şeyler yaratıyor ve duvarlar sanatla
dolu. Daha ne isterim ki...

Eğer Berlin'deyken maceralarımı takip etmek isterseniz; #photostormingberlin hashtagi 
ile instagram hesabımdan ve  tumblr sayfamdan bakabilirsiniz.

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  1. Lucky girl ! Enjoy your trip ! :D
    I've been there once and I loved it, I wish I could go there again ! :)

  2. Oooh can't wait to see your 2014 pictures :) Aww and that photobooth picture in the last one is too much fun! Hope you had a wonderful time in Berlin!

  3. It's a shame I've never been in Berlin... I went to Germany but never visited the capital... Kreuzburger caught my attention ;) x


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