Thursday, April 10, 2014

Be My Guest: Ayşin from Old Magnet

This time, Ayşin who is the founder of an online magazine; Old Magnet in Istanbul is my blog's guest.
Once I attented to an event of Kinfolk Mag, we met each other, then I start to see her in one event to
another, especially the ones with "good food" :)

Before our Berlin trip, I took a visit to her cute house which is full of second hand and vintage objects in
Kuzguncuk; one of my favorite neighborhoods in Istanbul. The sun was going down, and we were still not
so tired to explore around of her lovely neighborhood. Let's take a look over this inspirational lady's
answers and her online magazine; Old Magnet!

* What do you do for a living?
I write, read, explore and travel.
What are the 3 specific things you like to do?
Writing, traveling and indulging in good food are most favorite pastimes. I prefer to write for myself rather 
than for a commercial outcome. Traveling for me sometimes means to catch a fresh breath, sometimes 
it is great for discovering inspiration or sometimes could just be an escape. It seems that my passion for 
good food will always continue to lead my life. When the subject is food everything else seems to come 
Which movie you never get bored of watching?
There are too many… I have a lot of movies I like to watch again and again. To name a 
few: The Dreamers, Candy, Amores Perros, Belle de Jour and Laurence Anyways.
Which song makes you happy?
If I were faced to answer this question before my new record player entered my life I would have 
said Northern. At the moment I now am an amateur record collector and I can say all Barış Manço songs 
makes me very happy
* What are your inspirations in life?
I could say most of my inspirations are formed through imagination, so mostly one thing leads to another 
through my head. Movies, music and places I’ve been play a great role as well. 

How do you describe your style?
I’m sick of tired "vintage" word. We know there is no real vintage mostly. But I like to explore a little 
with more freedom so I prefer to keep my style less defined.
*  If your style is a movie character who would she/he be?
Margot, from the Royal Tenenbaums.

* If you have a color palette, which colors you put together to create your style?

I like burgundy and black. I like pastels for when the sun is shining but during winter months I feel better 
in darker shades. 

Where do you live right now?
Istanbul, the midst of chaos.
What are the 3 local suggestions for people who want to visit your neighborhood?
Çiya in Kadıköy is the right place to experience Ottoman cuisine. I love this great Turkish ravioli place. 
Kardeşim Mantı in Emirgan. Lastly, Siirt Şeref Biryan in Fatih is great for their long roasted 
lamb kebab and local rice speciality as a side serving. 
* Which city do you want to live for the future?
 Possibly Sydney or Barcelona. Sydney might be a closer bet as my elder sister is currently settled there.

Thanks Ayşin   

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  1. Nice to meet Ayşin ! She looks so lovely, and so is her home (cats in her walls!). I love that she would like to live in Barcelona, hey! I can't resist some love for my city :) Oh! Deniz you should explain the picture with the birds! it certainly describes the chaos, but how was it taken? it looks like a painting!

    1. Haha seagulls are everywhere here! So we get used to them in oyr lives, sometimes we eat together on our balcony :))


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