Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bits & Pieces: Goodbye winter ☃☼

Delicious breakfast

Gifts for the new year

Listening to my childhood casette

By bus

A day in Sirkeci

Amazing ceiling

Naif in Karaköy

Me with a big tree - Our reading room

Me with Klimt - My new flower

Ready for a snowy day, in our elevator

My article in a mag

My interview about "vintage" in Marie Claire

Polaroid androids

Our Christmas gifts from Sweden!

Mezze night in a friend's house

My favorite winter tea: Lemon, mint, rose hips, papaya tea

Love letters written by me

Sunny room at sunset

Ready for wearing silk dresses

I'm impatient for this spring, I want to see sun every single day. This winter was the harsh one but it's 
kind of ending at last. I'll prepare my luggage for Berlin soon, complete second issue of my mag, and count
down to my wedding :) What are you looking forward to?

Here are some bits and pieces, if you see more, just visit my INSTAGRAM.
Have a nice spring!

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  1. Kalpaginiz cok yakismis butun kis boyunca aradim ama bulamadim, kis cayini da kesinlikle deneyecegiiim. Iyi yolculuklar:)

    1. Çok teşekkürler :) O kalpağı tesadüfi bir şekilde Feriköy Bit Pazarı'nda buldum.

  2. Huge pics !!! Adore it all, Love the light & the cosy spirit :)) Spring here we come !!! M-C

    1. Yeah, I'm totally ready for the spring as well :)

  3. Do I spy a Gaudi house in one of the drawings? :) :) :) love to see a recap of the bits of your winter in pics, and how awesome the two magazine features!


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