Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunny saturday

I miss blogging regulary so much! I wish I had more time to write and post pics here. Last weekend we
organized a fashion shooting for my magazine; match-up that I was very satisfied about the results.
Before last week, I met some guys from an online video guide of Istanbul to visit around Kuzguncuk and
tell why I like these places directly to the camera! It was a long day that I felt exhausted, but it was fun too.

And these pics were taken after my video guide tour. I was happy because we rarely have a picture of us
together with Türker, rather we are the ones who always take pics, and carry the camera so it's good to see
our "couple pics" :) I went to Aysin's house to take some photos for "be my guest" corner of my blog,
which will be available soon. Her house is so retro that I feel like I'm getting into a time travel :)

Blog yazmayı çok özledim. Keşke daha çok vakit yaratmayı başarabilsem... Geçtiğimiz hafta match-up için
moda çekimini hallettik, sorunsuz geçti. Nisan sonunda çıkacak dergimin yeni sayısı için oldukça 
heyecanlıyım, bakalım siz de beğenecek misiniz... Ondan önceki hafta sonu da, Kuzguncuk'ta 
notonlyistanbul için video çekimi yaptık. Aynı gün Ayşin ile buluştum ve başka zamandan fırlamış gibi 
hissettiren evinde çekimler yaptım, yakında "be my guest" bölümünde olacak o da.

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  1. You're cute Denise with this childish smile ! :)

  2. Yay! a picture of you and Türker together! The two windows are a very cute photo location :) I saw the fashion photoshoot session on Instagram and it looks very very promising, hope you can share some more pics soon. Oh! and that video guide around Istanbul sounds so much fun.


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