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Berlin Guide Part II

Mitte: Hackescher Markt & Kastanienallee

In Mitte, you see fancy and stylish people, beautiful boutiques and many cafes. My favorite parts are 
Hackescher Markt and Kastanienallee around Mitte.

Cafe Cinema
A very nice cafe with a large backyard which is full of graffiti & mural art. Also you can sit inside the cafe, 
drink a Weiss Bier while feeling Berlin's vibes.
Rosenthaler Str. 39, Mitte (close to Hackescher Markt tram stop)

Die Hackesche Höfe (passages)
It's a courtyard complex situated near Hackescher Markt. The complex consists of eight interconnected 
courtyards, it's a little touristy but if the sun shines, walking around and hanging in the one of these 
courtyards are really fun. There are also some open air cafes, and stores here.
Rosenthaler Str. 40-41, Hackescher Markt

Made in Berlin Second Hand
The quality of the second hand pieces are really good, but I need to say if you look for something cheap, it's 
impossible to find here. You can find bags, shoes, dresses, skirts and shirts here.
Neue Schönhauser Str. 19, Hackescher Markt

Barcomi's Deli
A nice courtyard for having a delicious breakfast or a coffee. You feel very peaceful here, with singing birds 
while you're sipping your coffee.
Sophienstr. 21, Hackescher Markt

Monsieur Vuong (Vietnamese restaurant)
Delicious Vietnamese food. You can pick from "today's menu" on the board, or pick from the regular menu. 
I also like ginger/lemon tea so much. And don't be surprised of seing the owner's pics every corner of the 
place :) -Thanks to "the cat you and us" blog for this recommendation.
Alte Schönhauser Str. 46 Mitte

Shiso Burger
Good staff, delicious cheeseburger, and free wifi :) Yes, it's so hard to find a wifi cafe in Berlin, that's why I 
want to mention on this. I also suggest you to eat "sweet potato fries"!
Auguststr. 29 C, close to Hackescher Markt

Do You Read Me?! (a magazine store)
Big magazine store; you can find any mag you look for (design, fashion, architecture, fanzine, zine etc.)! 
I am in love with this place since I'm very into mag culture.
Auguststr. 28, close to Hackescher Markt

Clärchens Ballhaus (open air bar&rastaurant)
I really like its garden, especially the lights above your head. This place is 100 years old. Good to drink, 
talk and sitting in the garden. Although I never tried, it seems they serve meals (ex: Wiener Schnitzel) too. 
Inside Ballhaus, you can even dance! I highly recommend when it's summer.
Auguststr. 24, close to Hackescher Markt

Altes Europa
It's a lovely restaurant/gastropub. I especially like its great vibe with the candle lights. Great place to  drink 
a glass of wine and chat with friends at night.
Gipsstr. 11, close to Hackescher Markt

Zosch Bar
A good bar to drink every kind of beer. Also there are 2 options; sitting outside or inside. If you want, you 
can check their program to listen to live jazz in the basement cellar of the bar.
Tucholskystr. 30, Mitte

Around Kastanienallee
On Kastanienalle, you can see some second hand boutiques, cafes, bars. Also on Oderberger Str.,you 
see many places alongside as well. If you want to take a photo automat picture, I must mention that 
there is a big one in Kastanienallee!

Café Godot
Good spot to take a rest, and drink a beer after a long walking.
Kastanienallee 16-17

Café Morgenrot
Best place in this neighborhood to have a delicious brunch. Also good spot to watch people on the street.
Kastanienallee 85

Konnopke's Imbiss (curry wurst buffet)
Delicious curry wurst, must be eaten here!
Schönhauser Allee 44a, Prenzlauer Berg (at the end of Kastaienallee)

Kauf Dich Glücklich
A nice place for waffle, ice-cream and coffee lovers.You can sit outside when you eat.
Oderberger Str. 44, Prenzlauer Berg (close to Kastaienallee)

Paul's Boutique (second hand store)
Lots of jeans, t-shirts, shirts, toys and sneakers with reasonable prices.
Oderberger Str. 47, Prenzlauer Berg (close to Kastaienallee)


My favorite neighborhood, which is very hip nowadays. You can find new opened places, bakeries, and 
cozy cafés. 

Berlin Burger International
Very good spot to eat a delicious burger, with fries and "Fritz Kola". I ate cheeseburger which was so big 
that I totally got full! If you're into burger places; don't skip this one.
Pannierstr. 5, Neukölln

Martin's Place
A small patisserie where you can see the owner making a cake in the open kitchen. Very delicious Tiramisu 
and also I recommend "Ludwig's cake" (with orange and cacao).
Pannierstr. 29, Neukölln

Roamers Cafe
A cozy cafe, here you can drink delicious coffee with a fresh homemade cake.
Pannier Str.  64 Neukölln

Another cozy cafe; a peaceful place to read or write something. Delicious chai latte, and good music.
Reuter Str. 59, Neukölln

Bullys Bakery
Delicious "Flammkuchen" (thin German pizza), nice spot to sit outside with friends.
Friedel Str. 7, Neukölln

Zwei Dicke Baren
I didn't try their burgers though, I can say that you should go there to ear "ice-cream burger" (an ice-
cream between the two cookies).
Vendor around Neukölln

ASA90 Camerashop
If you like analog cameras, there are many second hand cameras in ASA90. The prices are not so 
expensive, but not so cheap as well. 


Bauhaus Archiv: If you're into Bauhaus, so take a visit there. But don't forget, it's near Tiergarten; where 
you don't find anything special except this gallery, and it's closed on tuesdays.
Klingelhöferstr. 14 U-Bahn Haltestelle Nollendorfplatz

Jewish Museum (Judisches): Very good presentation (different ways of exhibiting); compared to the 
other galleries. Find everything about Jewish culture. Also the building is very charming, if you like Daniel 
Libeskind's architecture style.
Lindenstr. 9-14, Kreuzberg

Hamburger Bahnhof Museum: Contemporary art museum. It was one of the first terminal stations in 
1800's. Now there are both temporary, and permanent exhibitions; so you should check before visiting. 
They're paid separately, but I suggest if you don't like the temporary one, you should directly see the 
permanent collection rooms.
Invalidenstraße 50-51, Mitte

Berlinische Gallery: Modern art gallery. See it, if you like "Dada art movement".
Alte Jakobstrasse 128, Kreuzberg

KW Institute for Contemporary Art: Here you can see "Berlin Biennale". Also there is a changing 
schedule, which includes art shows, body art shows and installations. Be sure to check its program. And I 
love its garden that you can sit under the trees when you complete visiting mission.
Auguststr. 69, Mitte

- If you're looking for famous brands; Mitte (near Hackescher Markt) is your destination.
- If you're patient enough for a treasure hunting among many second hand pieces, just go to Garage 
Kleidermarkt (Ahornstraße 2, Schöneberg). Altough I'm so lazy to dig, I've found several pieces from 
there. Also here you can buy some garments by kilos (around 18 euro per kilo), but they are just in the 
basket and not in so good condition. On Wednesdays, happy hour: 11-13:00; which means 30% off.

- Mauerpark Flohmarkt : It's a heaven for the ones who like grand flea markets, antique stuff, used 
clothes, books and records... Maybe you can't find what you seek there, but still it's worth to go to this 
market for its atmosphere. Don't hesitate to bargain! On sundays!
Bernauer Str. 63-64, Wedding
- Also around Kastanienallee, you can see some second hand boutiques.

Touristic Things
I don't like to have a touristic "things to do" during my trips, but if you're interested in, I suggest these ones 
which are worth to take a visit.

 - Jewish Memorial (Holocaust memorial): This memorial looks like a labyrinth, that you might like the 
feeling of it. Also good spot to take pics.
Cora-Berliner-Straße 1

- East Side Gallery: For the ones who like graffiti, and stencils.
Mühlenstr., Friedrichshain

- Berliner Dom: Beuatiful 1700's baroque protestant church.
Am Lustgarten, Mitte

- Museumsinsel (museum island): An island which is located northern part of an island in the river Spree. 
Easy walking distance from one museum to another; so if you're a "museum person" you must go there.
Bodestr. 1, Mitte


Berlin is a fun city; so don't return back without dancing until you get exhausted. Berghain is so good for 
sure, but Prince Charles, and Sisyphos (open air club with some different dancing rooms and a fire place, 
weird atmosphere) are on my places to dance list. To guarantee having fun, be sure to go these clubs after 
you get tipsy or drunk :)

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  1. Aw thanks for mentioning us in the Monsieur Vuong tip! :) Glad that you liked the food, your comment about the owner pictures made me laugh! It is something I didn't remember to mention, but he is definitely everywhere in the place, haha. In our last visit to Berlin we visited mainly Kastanienallee, which we liked, but I now see many places we missed we would have liked. Also very interesting all the galleries recommendations!


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