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Berlin Guide Part I

Kreuzberg & Friedrichshain

Firstly, I must mention that Kreuzberg is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Berlin that you can see many 
cafes, bars, cool places one to another. In Friedrichshain there is nothing to see, except a "must night" in 
Berghain night club.

Marx Coffee Shop & Bar
In this cafe, you can drink your coffee while reading a book, or you can have a breakfast/brunch that I 
highly suggest (the one includes cheese, egg, fruits, breads, and tomatoes with pesto sauce) . At nights, 
drinking a glass of wine when listen to a good music with a Marx sculpture is really nice.
Spreewaldplatz 6, Kreuzberg

Five Elephant
Delicious cakes with a cup of coffee. Small and cute for cake lovers.
Reichenbergerstr. 101, Kreuzberg

Bellman Bar
1920s style bar, with a nostalgic interior decor. If you like to sit on a bar stool, near the bar as me, so you 
will like this place. Bartender is so good that you probably have a delicious cocktail there. Good oldies 
music, and candle light (it is so common in Berlin)... But be aware of smoking is free in this bar.
Reichenbergerstr. 86 Kreuzberg

Club der Visionare
A club where is near the canal. So be sure to check whether this place is open, because sometimes it's 
closed due to weather. Summer is the best for this place!
Am Flutgraben 1, Kreuzberg (a little far away from the center of Kreuzberg)

Frau Rauscher Restaurant
Typical German pub & restaurant to eat a traditional meal and drink German beer.
Wrangelstr. 42, Kreuzberg

Kirk Bar
A cozy bar that is full of young people smoking, chatting outside.
Skalitzer Str. 75 Kreuzberg

Schwarze Traube
Very beautiful cocktail bar. They don't have any menu, but you can describe what you want.  And you can 
ask whatever you want from the talented bartender; Atalay. I like the one with rom, rose petals, and some 
kind of liquor. Also the furniture, decor and lights are really retro and nice. If the bar is full, you have to wait 
for a while until someone get out, so weekdays are better than weekends, if you don't want to wait. The 
door is locked, so be sure to knock it when you go there! -Prices: 9-10 euro per cocktail.
Wrangelstr. 24, Kreuzberg

Bateau Ivre (cafe-bar)
A bar at a corner of the street, so if the weather is warm enough, it's good to sit outside to drink beer and watch people.
Oranienstr. 18, Kreuzberg

Voo Store
A hip- concept store where you can find some good brands and a coffee shop inside.
Oranienstr. 24, Kreuzberg

Cafe Luzia
My favorite cafe/bar in Kreuzberg. You can drink a beer all day, cause it's so cozy, peaceful and cool.
 Oranienstr. 34, Kreuzberg

Kreuzburger (burger place)
One of the burger places in Kreuzberg.
Oranienstr. 190, Kreuzberg

Mo's Kleiner Imbiss (the king of falafel)
I you like to eat falafel, you should go there. There is a few chairs to sit, but you can take away.
Graefestr. 9, Kreuzberg

Kado Liquorice
Different kinds of liquors, chocolate bars and vintage covered boxes and old bottles.
Graefestr. 20, Kreuzberg

East Side Gallery
If you want to see many graffiti works next to each other, you should go to this memorial Berlin wall in east 
side then. But the mural art is getting worse year by year, last time I went it was much more beautiful; now 
it's getting dirty and ruined by someone.
Mühlenstr., Friedrichshain

Berghain / Panoramabar (club)
If you feel drunk and into dancing with a good techno, so this place is a heaven for you. It's the biggest club 
I've ever been to. But be sure to go there after 3:00-4:00 o'clock in the morning, if you don't want to wait in 
long line for hours.
Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain

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  1. I always love so much your choices, your guides are an absolute must to check! Now I need to get back and make the best of Kreuzberg which is still a mostly unknown area for us :)


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