Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bits & Pieces

Sunset with a cotton candy sky

Pieces for my recent collage

Silent kitchen

Silence after party!

Forest walking

Preperation for a shoot

Night snacks

By my balcony

Picked flowers by my love

-Nowadays, I'm so busy that I hardly find a spare time for blogging. I miss everything about blogging, and
actually I have lots of things to write about!

-I'm focusing much more on my match-up (its name yay!) zine project that I've met several wonderful
people to do interviews for it. Still too much to do, but at least I'm satisfied with its concept and paper design.
-Also I don't know the other countries, but wedding ceremony stuff is pretty tough here! We were
drived crazy about organization and trade based prices! But we're sure about what kind of wedding
day we want... Lastly, I've found my dreamy writing desk, and the other furniture so we start to move from
one room to another; yes it's my first time to move within the same house haha :) When we finish decorating
I'll post about our "new" home!

-I usually don't like to share pictures taken with a phone, but this time I have many excuses to feel lazy
enough so I hope you don't mind it.
Have a nice day!

Son günlerde beynim ve bedenim çok yorgun. Bir yandan çıkaracağım dergi üzerinde çalışmalara devam
ediyorum ki en güzel tarafı da yeni yeni insanlarla tanışıyor olmam. İsmi match-up olacak, dergim hakkında
yakında daha fazla bilgi paylaşacağım. Diğer yandan bu yaz evleneceğimiz için organizatörlerle iletişime
geçiyoruz ama oldukça zevksiz bir süreç; çünkü o kadar ticari odaklı bir sektör ki, içimiz acıyor miktarları
duyunca. Neyse ki, en azından nasıl bir şey istediğimizi kesin biliyoruz :)

Bir yandan da; yaşadığımız evi şekillendirmekle ve  yeni alanlar yaratmakla meşgulüz. Tam 
istediğim gibi bir yazı masası buldum ve yakında yazılarımı onun üzerinde yazacağım.
Telefonla çekilmiş fotoğrafları paylaşmayı normalde hiç sevmem fakat  bu seferlik yorgunluğuma 
ve tembelliğime verin diyorum. 
Esen kalın!

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  1. Such atmospheric and moody photos. Love!

  2. Great to see your daily pics!! :) I love your dress in the selfie pic and the green nails! Where is the dress from? you look so lovely. Wedding preparations can be so time consuming, right? and I have learnt that it gets more difficult when you have a clear idea of what you want instead of going with the flow :P But it totally worths it to have your wedding as you like it! Looking forward to see the pics of your "new" home. Hugs!

    1. Hello! Thanks for your reply in your S.F post, if we decide to do a us road trip, of course I'll definitely ask for your help ;)
      This dress was found in Paris, St. Quen flea market, one of my favorites :) And yes yes, this wedding stuff is sooooo time consuming, and that's why we try to keep it simple.



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