Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Inspirations

When Harry Met Sally

My favorite pots - source

Fluffy sweaters -source

a photo by Hana Haley
Home by Freunde von Freunden
These are my recent inspirations:

1- Meg Ryan style in the movie When Harry Met Sally, especially adore high waist loose pants and
bow ties!
2- Cactus pots; pink colored ones, I'm gonna buy some for our studio soon
3- Fluffy sweaters, I've bought a new one from Bershka 
4- Hana Haley photos!
5- And this home I've come up on Freunde von Freunden web-site

Have a nice tuesday!

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  1. Beautiful pastel cactus! I think they will be a good addition to our home, thanks for the inspiration! :) I also love the living room in the last picture, I bet your home renewal is going to look awesome.

    1. We're so excited to see the final result of our home :) We've started to decorate it for a wihile. And I love these colorful cactus flowers, I'm gonna buy some too!

  2. Love the shot of the fluffy sweaters!

    Xo, Hannah



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