Monday, March 11, 2013

Start to feel the spring!

I felt the spring for the first time in this year:)

Here is my saturday (a photo an hour) =

09:00 - Smell of spring (hyacinth)
10:00 - Made some colorful cupcakes to celebrate the spring
11:00 - Breakfast with some Turkish food; called "börek"
13:00 - Time to create some paper art, this time WOODY ALLEN! (click on it to see more)

time for selecting some movies for Istanbul Film Fest! and listening to music ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ 

19:00 - Dinner with tortillas; put spices, minced meat, avacado, tomatoes, paprika and arugula
21:00 - Drinking wine and eating the most delious Cheddar cheese 
22:00 - Time to watch "Laurence Anyways" (me for the 2nd time)
24:00 - Be prepared to go out and dance with dubstep music of Re-spectralize in Pixie 

Outfit: Lace blouse - Frip'irium Vintage Store in Paris.

So good night, we danced all night and watched people who were "very" into dubstep :)

09.03.2012 / Istanbul.


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