Monday, March 25, 2013

A day with Elisa

Photos & styling by me.

Model is my friend; Melis.

Clothes are vintage (top & hat).

Camera on the 4th pic; Lubitel 166b.

Taken by Canon Eos 30d, with a lens; Canon USM 85mm. f: 2.8.


I'm hungry for upcoming photo shoots, which might be very soon.
Waiting for the sun.


  1. She is so beautiful, and her clothes, love it s much. You are so great photographer.

  2. I love these pics, this look is made to perfection!

  3. I've already said I love your blog... You're a really great photographer! Keep on! :) I put the link in english of the cake recipe on my blog, under your comment. So you don't have to get mad trying to translate it from italian! Here's the link---->

    Good Cake to you! :))

    1. Thanks for the link! I'm gonna give a try on this as
      soon as possible :)


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