Monday, January 4, 2016

snow break

My favorite season is not winter for sure unless it's snowy. But if it's white all around, I can't be more
happy and peaceful. Snow brings peace once a year, it covers all stresses, pollution, and worries.
It brings me a home feeling that I'm certainly getting in the mood for cooking, preparing hot drinks,
packaging the gifts and cuddling more. So I feel like that it's kind of a break to rush and busy days,
weeks and it's giving the blank for your life to see what happens, how you feel, and how you rest.

As I'm too slow to finish my summer posts yet, I want to give a break and share these winter vibe 
pics instead.

Happy new year everyone!


  1. Oh! The snowy pictures are so so gorgeous Deniz!!! Perfect portraits! We are having a weird winter here with temperatures above the usual, let's hope though for a little snow, even if it's only for a day and then I'm ok with the warmer weather in road to the summer ;)

    1. Ohh yes I heard of this from the friends in Spain! Climate changes!
      If it doesn't snow, let me know and I will send a snow ball for you :) xoxo


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