Friday, January 29, 2016

Kotor- a small coastal village

Last summer when we searched about the places which are close to our country, we suddenly saw
the pics of Kotor, a small village looks like Italian towns. Then I figured out that it has a common
history with Italians that's why it had many similar impressions on architecture, language and food.

We went to Budva first, stayed on the mountains at the backskirt of the city, then we rent a motorbike
to go to Kotor. It was one of the vivid memories that will be saved for a long time in my mind. I 
remember how I was touched by the breeze in the air when on motorbike, I smelled different kinds 
of trees, watched natural views we passed by... The scenes look like a movie.

After Kotor, I feel that I really miss Italian spirit. Probably in spring or summer, we'll go to Italy too.
Can't wait for it.

Kotor / Montenegro - August 2015.

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