Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunset treats me well...

This year I'm always in between of something; cities, people, job-home, two different decisions...
So I'm hungry for a routine life again, but I know this is just a transition period. Besides I'm working
as a freelance publisher, we have to travel to another city every month for a construction field
(because Türker is an architect) and this gives me enough derangment and imbalance too...
But as I know that I should take an advantage of  this situation, I try to work during the days, and go
out, smell the sea and enjoy the sunsets in the afternoons.

Datça is very close to several Greek islands. There is something in the air of this city, which
pulls you into a different feeling that you want to keep writing, thinking and enjoying the nature as
possible as you can do.

Datça'da geçirilen günlerin özeti: gün batımı, bol oksijen, kafa doluluğu, toz, orman, İstanbul 
düşüncesi ve keşifler. 

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  1. Hello dear! love to see the sun in your beautiful pics! This is a very late post, sorry, I am so so bad at catching up lately that I feel I'm missing so much! Hope everything is going great with the magazine and Turker's work, I hope this won't take you too long from the blog because I love to stop by and see you guys what you are up to. Have you plans for Christmas already?


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