Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wedding Part III: time to have fun!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in our wedding day! Even it was raining for a while, you
did your best to make our day very special :)

And if you want to watch, here is the VIDEO of our wedding day.

Cocktails&dinner catering by Elma Catering, Event design by Aisha Events, Make-
up by Melissa Chartan, Bridal bouquet by Kanukte Flower, Venue: Villa Riva Garden
DJ&music by our friend Mrt Seckin, Flowers by İrfan Çiçekçilik, Videograph&photographs by 

Bir süre yağmur yapmasına rağmen ellerinden geleni yaparak daima pozitif kalan ve bize en güzel
günümüzde eşlik eden tüm aile ve arkadaşlarımıza teşekkür ediyoruz!

Ayrıca izlemek isterseniz; BURADAN videomuzu da izleyebilirsiniz. 

Kokteyl&catering Elma Catering, Organizasyon Aisha Events, Makyaj Melissa 
Chartan, Gelin buketi Kanukte Flower, Mekan: Villa Riva Garden, DJ sevgili arkadaşımız Mrt 
Seckin, Çiçekler İrfan Çiçekçilik, Video&fotoğraf Düğme Film.

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  1. Awww your reception! So much fun even (more) with the rain which gives such a special mood in the pictures, the ones with the people holding different umbrellas are one of my favorites :) The video is a MUST, hope everyone will click on it, so sweet. Again, congratulations beautiful couple! ♥


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