Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two Fast Weekends ☼ ★ ☄

Me, while walking down the streets

Me and my love on a notebook, a gift by a friend

A portrait of us, by lovely Karya

Visiting Salt Galata Gallery, taking a look at historical archive part

Dismantling the Archive (the recent exhibiton)

Matching colors in the gallery

This exhibiton is about an old family archive, which you see it's pretty nostalgic

Time for drinking cocktail in Şimdi Cafe

Sunset by my window

Then my birthday; 17 february!! Oh la la.

Yes surprises please <3

Love letters and a retro typewriter from Türker

Go out and buy some books

and eating delicious Japanese food, in Udonya

Hello there.
I've been busy for 2-3 weeks that I'd never before. I'm planning the next issue of my magazine match-up
with a brain full of ideas. Also we decorate our home as possible as we find colorful furniture and home
plants. I'll show some part of my home when it's done. Besides, we organized a workshop of Papier 
Atelier so people who like paper crafting participated in. I'll show its pics soonish :)

Annnnndddd, this monday it was my actual birthday but we celebrated on sunday instead. I walked around
to enjoy sunny weather, bought new books, ate a birthday cake, learned how to write in a typewriter which
was a gift from my love <3 and read some love letters written by him again. We enden our sunday in a movie
theather to see Nymphomaniac I and II, oh my what a weird movie!! Rather than sex scenes, I was
interested in how Lars Von Trier narrates whole story by matching the scenario with some historical and
philosophical aspects. No more spoiler, rather I suggest you to watch.

Merhabalar. Birkaç haftadır hayatımda hiç yoğun olmadığım kadar bir koşuşturma içerisindeyim. Beynim
planlarla dolu. Bir yandan dergim match-up ın yeni sayısı için hazırlanıyorum. Bir yandan evle uğraşıyoruz.
Bir yandan da geçtiğimiz hafta düzenlediğimiz Papier Atelier atölyesi ile meşguldük. Neyse ki sorunsuz
atlattık bir atölyeyi daha :) Yakında fotoğraflarını paylaşacağım.

Ve bir de bu hafta sonu doğum günüm vardı. Bolca güneşin tadını çıkardım, sürprizlerimle ilgilendim, pasta
yedim ve daktiloda yazı yazmasını öğrendim. Oldukça zevkli, tavsiye ederim. Kendime birkaç mektup 
arkadaşı buldum yakında daktilomda yazar gönderirim :) Bir de nihayet Nymphomaniac I and II filmlerini
gördüm. Sahneleri beni o kadar etkilemediyse de, kurgusu ve tarihe yapılan göndermeleri ile senaryosu gayet
güzeldi. Charlotte Gainsbourg'un çok iyi bir oyuncu olduğuna da ikna olduktan sonra !f Film Festivalime
kaldığım yerden devam ediyorum. 

Esen kalın!

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  1. I saw this post long ago but I forgot to comment!!! oh my! happy belated birthday sweetie! :) :) the typwriter is a beauty! great present. I agree about Nymphomaniac, it was so interesting to see how it was narrated the story in chapters, and the elements (like numbers and philosophical references) used in them. Did you see both volumes at the same time? We had to wait 2 weeks to see the second part, the effect was that the second one had only the fall of the character and it was a very tough journey.

    1. Hey, thanks so much! I loved my present so much that I practiced writing on typewriter for a while. I saw "Nymphomaniac I" then after a night I saw the other one. Yes it was interesting, tough and very "Lars Von Trierish" :)

  2. Beautiful photos as always, your style is just impeccably perfect. I would really love to make you a flower crown as a wedding present and send it over to you. Let me know if you want one and I will start making it xx

    1. Hi, thank you so much dear Bethan! Of course, I would like to have one crown. You're so nice <3


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