Monday, May 2, 2016

Analog Diary: An Utopia

I'm more likely to be in a mood for peace. I'm silent, calm and lack of anxiety nowadays.
I was such in a huge stress, everything was messy in my mind since the beginning of 2016. Then
I figured out that there is nothing more important in our lives than our health and peacul mind.
The other things are the "garnish". Perhaps, I want to do lots of things at once, that's why I feel this pressure. After a while I started to focus on the things I like to do, I started to dream about life again. And I found myself in an easier way. Maybe I cannot realize everything in my life but at least I'm happy with some imperfections.

Last month we went to the town where Turker was born. Another town which is so close to his hometown, affected us more than we imagined. The gardens, houses and archictecture were so perfect maybe it's beacuse it was built on 20's :)

After we returned home, the sunsets become so intense, days get longer and warmer. Now all we're almost ready for the upcoming summer.

P.S: I imagine to get back with more photos which are supposed to be taken in our long trip! Until I come back with new photos, take a look at our hashtag #awaywego2016 on Instagram from the day 12th May!

See you.


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