Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bits & Pieces

Picnic time!

Good morning!

Yin Yang eggs

Dried flowers in an old drink bottle vase

Prepared for a classic music concert

Summer food & drink

My love's birthday!

Homemade birthday cake

Some gifts as well

Cook rice for dinner

Picnic & reading tips about NYC

Picnic sandwiches <3

Break time for biking, in an Irish Pub

Crepés I made

City tour with my friend

Lemonade rocks for hot summers

and smoothie too

Me in a bungalow near mountains

Today is really hot here! I mean it; more than 35 degree and humid.
I checked my bits&pieces pics from July and August, I came up with these. Sometimes I take so many
pictures and hardly I edited them all.

Now it's only 2 weeks left for our next vacation, NYC, yay!

I wish a happy but not humid thursday for you all! :)

July/ August 2013 - Istanbul / Olympos.

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  1. These shots are all so lovely! I especially like the ones with your toes peeking out of the blankets and the crepe that you made! You should come visit me when you get to New York!

    Xo, Hannah

  2. Thanks dear Hannah! Yes, it should be fun to meet up, if you're around there!! :)

  3. Beautiful images!! Great birthday homemade cake! I bet you had a great day :) How exciting to be in NYC in 2 weeks :) amazing city, can't wait to see your vision of the city in pictures.

  4. Beautiful images!!!! Great homemade birthday cake, sure he loved it! :) How exciting is to be in New York in 2 weeks, amazing city. Can't wait to see your vision of the city in pictures!


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