Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Inspirations

A picture by Hana Haley


Whitstable houses by Betty Magazine

Betty Magazine
Paper plant by Taylor McKimens
A picture by Echerries
Sunglasses by wish wish wish
Palm Springs by the imaginative
Central Park (1969) - Life Magazine
It's very rare for me to write blog on saturdays, but today I feel a little sick and staying at home instead
of walking on the streets under the sun :) 

I'm trying to adjust  to the city life again after a wonderful natural trip to Mostar (Bosnia). I'm gonna
share my pictures soon when they're edited a little bit.

I'm happy for all your attentions of "be my guest" interview with Ale, I can't wait to share the next blogger
interview with you!!

--These are the recent inspirational pictures I like, you can see the sources below images.

Happy & sunny weekend!

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