Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Black Wine

Lately, I get my rolled films back! They were taken a couple months ago, in Istanbul.
Usually I prefer color films, it's good to give a try on black & white though.

Film - Lomography Silver Black
Camera - Canon AE-1.

March / April 2013 - Istanbul.

Nihayet siyah beyaz filmlerimi alabildim fotoğrafçıdan. Her ne kadar renkli film tercih etsem de
s/b denemek de keyifli.

Filmler, Lomography Silver Black, makine ise Canon AE-1.


  1. very verry nice pictures, i truly love black and white photography :)
    I've joyned your blog, it you want to you can visite mine too :)


  2. Love these. Love the monochromatic feel, and those stripes & suspenders :)

  3. These are great photos!

    xo Jennifer


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