Thursday, June 27, 2013

Captures from a road-trip

On april, we took a road trip to my bf's hometown where he was born. It was the first time for me 
to be there, so I looked everyting through the camera :) We stopped by a train station and took
some pictures with Canon Ae-1 analog camera. Also I had a chance to collect many seashells on
the beach.

Outfit: Hat: Stradivarius, Green dress/sunglasses: H&M, Shoes: Gift from Spain

Nisan ayında, Tekirdağ'a gittik, bu bizim arabayla çıktığımız ilk uzun yolculuktu :) Hem Türker'in
doğduğu yerleri gördüm, hem de bol bol fotoğraf çektim. Özellikle Alpullu'daki tren istasyonuna
bayıldım! Fotoğrafdaki yerler sırasıyla; İğneada, Alpullu, Edirne.

April 2013 / Tekirdağ - Turkey


  1. I adore the second picture and you're the best with white tights !!!

    See U !


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