Monday, May 20, 2013

Bits & Pieces

Today, here is 30 degrees celsius! Yes, I can't believe that summer is already around here :)
I'm busy with some writings, organizing and planing new summer trips, so I can't blog enough.
Instead I'm sharing my pictures that I took in april (here) and now I'm posting some "bits and pieces"
that happened last week.

I hope everyone is happy and be ready for this summer (unless you live in Australia), yay! 


1: Summer mood :)
2: Klokmag, pretty new Turkish "portfolio" mag (for more: here)
3: Newly bought vintage coat, I like its color!
4: My new record: Tracy Chapman!
5: Me and my boyfriend's paper craft portfolio (Papier Atelier)
6: Florent Tanet photography, I like her style so far!
7: A picture taken yesterday in front of my favorite mural art <3
8: A picture from today; ice-cream season gets started!
9: Two polaroid pictures taken 2 weeks ago for a project
10: Homemade tortilla 


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

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