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Barcelona Tips II ("be a local" guide)

Shopping & Second Hand Stores

*El Born: If you look for "second hand" stores around Barcelona, you should definitely go to El Born
district which is full of vintage/second hand stores, record stores and a few boutiques. But I must mention
that "second hand" pieces are not cheap here, rather they are more expensive than new things. Carrer 
dels Tallers and Carrer de la Riera Baixa are the streets for second hand lovers.

--Carrer dels Tallers, Carrer de la Riera Baixa (El Born district)

*Lefties Fashion: This shop is an outlet of the most famous Spanish clothes brand; Zara. You can find
out season pieces as really cheap prices.

--Carrer de Pelai 2 (M: Universitat)

Best Historical Stores

*L'herboristeria del Rei: Here is a beautiful historic herborist in Barcelona. You find some herbs, scent,
essential oils and aromas.
Bu rather than being a herborist, this shop is a heaven for its architecture. It was built in 1823, since this
date, it has remained unchanged and served as an art gallery and film set also. Perfume: The Story of
a Murderer" is one of this movies which scenes were shot here.

--Carrer Vidre 1 (near Liceu subway)

*Cereria Subira: Here is the first candle store in Barcelona serving for churches, and there're different
shaped candles for sale. This is my favorite store ever! I love candles and I get lost inside here; confused
which one I must choose! You should see this store, when you visit Barri Gothic district.

--Baixada de la Llibreteria 7 (M: Jaume I)

Cafés with A Good Athmosphere

*Lilipep Café: One of the best café, with an athmosphere full of pictures on wall, vintage books on shells,
fresh lemonade and many choices for alcohol drinks.

--Carrer del Pou de la Cadena, 8

*Cafés on the street Carrer de l'allada-VermellThere are open air bars and cafés on this street.
But I mostly prefer to hang out in the square and having beer outside.
P.S: This aquare is my favorite btw!

--Carrer de L'allada Vermell (near Placa de Sant Augusti Vell)

*Oviso Café/Bar: There are options for cocktails, snacks and good athmosphere with grafiti on walls.

--Carrer de N'arai 5 (M: Liceu)

*Pitin Café/Bar: A café bar in one of the most crowded areas; Passeig del Born. You can hang out in the
terrace till the night then do bar hopping around Passeig del Born all night!

--Passeig del Born 34

Nightlife and Bars

El Raval District

*Bar Marsella: The best place to drink absinthe! Also this bar is always crowded with tourists and locals
because it's well known for bar scenes of Vicky, Christina Barcelona by Woody Allen. High ceiling, old
chandeliers, beautiful floor, dusty mirrors, very old vine bottles on the shells and qualified absinthe!

--Carrer de Sant Pau 65, El Raval

*Zelig Bar: I really like this bar, especially for its bartenders and cocktails. They know how to do a great
cocktail! Besides, here is known for its LGBTT (mostly gay) friendly athmosphere.

--Carrer del Carme 116 (M: Sant Antoni)

*Bar Pastis: Small friendly and warm place, lots of young people who listen to music and chat with
friends. There are sometimes lively concerts, so check it out before you go:

--Carrer de Santa Monica 4 (M: Drassanes)

*Bar Kentucky: This bar is one of the most crowded (with dim light) ones in Barcelona. It's open till 
6:00 in the morning, so when you get bored in the other bars, you should stop by here to have
your last drink before you go to bed :)

--Carrer l'Arc del Teatre, 11 (M: Drassanes)

Passeig del Born District

On this street Passeig del Born, you can see many bars to have drinks, to meet people and to have fun
till the sunrise.

*Las Granujas Tapas Bar: It would be good to come here to eat tapas before starting a long nightlife
in Passeig del Born.

--Carrer de la Vidriería, 9 

Gracia District

Compared to the districts I wrote above, Gracia is full of locals and people who prefer to have fun outside,
in front of bars and near the church!

*Carrer de Verdi: There are many restaurants (world cuisine) and bars on this street.

*Bar Chatelet: Here is a small bar where you can find many options for cocktails. Also with high
volume of music, you can't realize how much you drink :)

--Carrer Torrijos, 54 (near Placa de la Virreina)

*Placa de la Virreina: This is the most preferred square for the locals of Gracia. There are many
immigrant beer (cerveza) sellers who ask you if you want one. In front of church, people drink, talk
and sing. Also, near the church, there are several open air cafe/bars.

Don't Forget

* If you look for a good sunset view, you should go to Montjuic (take an half hour to get there), or
Parc Guell (Gaudi's Parc) or Tibidabo (funfair parc) or Barcelonetta beach side (if you don't have
enough time to go away).

* If you're interested in contemporary art, be sure to see Macba and CCCB in El Raval.

* If you're into architecture and desire to see all periods of Catalan buildings, you must go to Poble
Espanyol (a place where you can see replicas of buildings in Barcelona).

* If you are interested in polaroid films & cameras, you should visit Impossible store.

* If you get bored with touristic stuff, you must keep away from Barri Gothic and Las Ramblas.
Rather you should see back streets of Gracia, El Born, Sarria and Vallarca!


* Don't forget to have picnic on grass!!

Happy trips to Barcelona.

For the first part of the guide: Link


  1. Great post! The pictures are so inviting. Looks like the perfect place to get lost in.

    Nestled in Nostalgia

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, Barcelona is definitely the one for getting lost!

  2. Ohh thanks! We're going to Barcelona in few days. I think I should print these two post ;)

    1. Ohhh, you can't imagine how much I'm happy to hear that! :)

      Buono viaggio!

  3. I love these kind of tips and guides. It is always fun to see what other people have as their favorite places in other cities.

  4. Barcelona looks so bohemian, like it smells of rose & patchouli or old books. I want to visit! For now at least I can visit with my imagination, transported by your lovely photos.

    1. Thanks so much <3 Yeah, this city is so bohemian, you should definitely visit there :)


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